Web AppBuilder Developer Edition - Resource List (updated 9/21/2017)

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Web AppBuilder Developer Edition - Customization Resource List

Just looking for the custom widget list? =>  Web AppBuilder - The custom widgets list (9/19/2017) 

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Web AppBuilder - The custom widgets list (9/19/2017)


The Resource list (this blog) will continue to be the main location for announcements, including any new widgets and updates, etc., as well as having direct links to the other topics.


NOTE: originally posted Feb 20, 2015. Update your bookmark if created before March 2016.

This is a living document originally intended to to list all the custom widgets, code tweaks, and questions/discussions. By March 2017 the list was getting to long, so it is now divided into more specific blogs. 

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Current version:


My other WAB related blog posts:


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  • Videos and resources from UC20xx and DevSummit 20xx
  • Suggested users, places, groups, and tags 
  • General Geonet and Ideas links
  • Security and proxy discussion and links
  • ArcGIS Online admin options and other web monitoring tips (was called Monitoring)
  • Blog and documents about various WAB, JavaScript, Developer and related topics


Table of Contents/Categories (sorry no hyperlinks)  ---- updating.....:

  • Quick links/Notes

    • Current Version info

  • Pinned pages
  • Latest News and updates
  • Creating your own customer widgets..... moved to new blog
  • Mix-ins..... moved to new blog
  • Custom widgets and tweaks    ...moved to new blog
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Quick Links/Notes:   



      Current version of WAB (v2.3 - Jan 2017  )

          Download: https://developers.arcgis.com/web-appbuilder/


      Pinned pages/links: 

      Latest Updates: (note: I try to list "What's New" here, so you know whether it is worth checking for changes.)

      CMV is built on top of the Esri JavaScript API so you can use your ArcGIS Server REST resources directly without using webmaps or portal. Services at ArcGIS Online and many other external services can be used as well.

      CMV includes numerous widgets available including a very robust layerControl (TOC) widget. If you prefer to use the WAB LayerList widget, you could do that too. With the upcoming version of CMV, you can use widgets created for the WebApp Builder without changing any code - either those that are included with WAB or those that developers have put together. I have created a github repo with a number of examples using WAB widgets here

      WAB items on the Ideas page ArcGIS Ideas.WAB.no distrintion between Online and Developer

      and implemented because of it )  ...Ideas implemented in the ArcGIS Online release (June 2016) | ArcGIS Blog

      filtered list of implemented items: ArcGIS Ideas

      Per Kelly Gerrow  ...

      The documentation has been updated to reflect the changes. In the blog, there are links to the ideas. On each idea, you will find a response that includes a link in the documentation that refers to the new functionality.






      -->> The custom widget list moved to new blog for easier viewing:

       Web AppBuilder - The custom widgets list (9/19/2017)

      -->> Creating your own custom widgets....   Moved to new blog for easier viewing:

      Web Appbuilder: Tips and tricks for creating, modifying and using custom widgets (8/2/2017)




      Portal specific links and documents (testing Portal 10.5 now (March 2017)...these are older links for reference):  ...expect this to move to new blog




      Other discussions and widgets will be added as time allows.  Thanks to all that provide the widgets and coding tips.



      Please remember, custom widgets are created and provided by the generosity of the

      other users in the community, like you. Most have real jobs too. So, be patient and

      appreciative for the tools and advice they provide.