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Is there is a standardize practice for archiving Story Maps and/or the ArcGIS Online datasets that are used to create them?#storymaps Joseph Kerski's Blog
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Hi all,   I'm rather new to ArcGIS and I'm trying to export my data into an Excel table.   Please refer to the snapshot below:     I need to do three things: 1) compute, for each blue dot, how many purple dots there are within a radius of, say, 50 meters; 2) assign to each cell of the fishnet an ID and to each blue dot the corresponding cell… (Show more)
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we are implementing a scenario in which we develop a custom fiori purchaser(SAP) for IOS tool. The software initially makes a name to F5 opposite proxy server for mutual authentication. here, the application (native) has to study the person certificates from the gadget keychain of the tool and gift it to F5 server for authentication. The user… (Show more)
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I have created following script to Clip Features from multiple workspaces using ListWorkspace: import arcpy, os, sys reload(sys) sys.setdefaultencoding('utf8') out_ws = r"K:\GIS-Projekte\Service_für_Gemeinden\Ausgabe\Alfdorf\Ausschnitt Daten" clip = r"K:\GIS-Projekte\Service_für_Gemeinden\Ausgabe\Alfdorf\Ausschnitt\Alfdorf.shp"… (Show more)
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I am siphoning through so much information available in the training courses but not sure where to start. Our college is on ArcGIS 10.3 with only 3D Analyst and ArcScan extensions. Not sure what I have access to or how the "plans" work. Can anyone help? Thank you!
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The human impact of the natural disasters occurring in North America in the last few weeks has been staggering – the result of a complex story of earth’s natural systems and human activities.  Independent of the subject you may teach, consider these pre-built activities, maps, and data to support your inquiry into earth’s systems with your… (Show more)
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Helping students think spatially is a key goal for many of us involved in GIS education work, and the growing set of resources, data, and tools in the Green Infrastructure initiative can help students reach that goal.  These resources ( are aimed at helping communities to preserve and connect open… (Show more)
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I would like to know if there is a way how to create the 3D space time path in ArcGIS with a less amount of temporal point data. The space time cube tool is very close to what I would like to achieve but unfortunately its more on aggregating points in a specific temporal term and also that it needs at least 60 points. I have point data with less… (Show more)
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Using ArcMap 10.5.1   I'm new to ArcMap and I imported a table into my map and then displayed the XY data. I am using proportional symbology to represent the error within the data and it worked smoothly for every data set (I have error represented in a field with a number indicating meters) but two of my sets (whose source data is identically… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am trying to create a choropleth map using LSOA (lower super output area) boundaries. I initially tried adding data to an existing LSOA boundaries layer in ArcGIS online and ArcMap 10.4, but then found out that the layer cannot be edited. I have also tried downloading LSOA data from the Office of National Statistics website (as a… (Show more)
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