ArcGIS Pro Roadmap

Blog Post created by relkins-esristaff Employee on Jul 10, 2017

ArcGIS Pro 2.0 was released on June 27th, 2017 so it's time to update you on our roadmap.  But first I want to encourage everyone to update to Pro 2.0 and learn about all the new features and capabilities in this release.


Our goal is to build the best GIS software available. This ArcGIS Pro Roadmap* gives you a sneak peek of what we're focusing on for the near, mid and long-term of ArcGIS Pro development.
This gives our current estimate of when each capability will be released. Some new capabilities will be made available for testing through Early Adopters Programs prior to a release. We'll revise the roadmap throughout the year to ensure it reflects the latest information.

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* Capabilities on this roadmap are tentative and subject to change, delay, or cancellation. The continued development or release of a capability is at the sole discretion of Esri.


Current Roadmap (updated September 2017)

ArcGIS Pro Roadmap



  • Utility Network – Next generation network management capabilities for Utilities and Telecoms
  • Attribute Rules – Validation rules for attributes
  • Reports - Generate and share tabular and graphic reports from your GIS Data
  • Layout Tables – Insert dynamic tables in page layouts
  • ModelBuilder If-Then-Else Branching Logic – Build logic into your models that test conditional statements to determine how a model should proceed.
  • Stereo Mapping – View and collect features from stereo imagery
  • Oblique Imagery – Improved user experience for oblique imagery
  • Interactive 3D analysis – Visualize 3D line of sight, view sheds, and threat domes interactively
  • Real Time Streaming - Visualize real-time data in 2D and 3D
  • Offline Web Maps and Layers - View web maps and edit feature layers when disconnected
  • SAP HANA– New geodatabase support
  • Table Statistics - Get histogram and numeric statistics for columns in your Table view
  • Enhanced capabilities in the following areas: 
    • SDK - Ongoing updates and new APIs for the .NET SDK
    • Representations – Adding support for overrides that allow you to store an alternate symbol or geometry for features
    • Spatial Adjustments - Feature level editing-based workflow
    • Topology - Ability to create and manage topologies
  • New Extensions - Image Analyst, Publisher, Business Analyst, Esri Production Mapping



  • Full Motion Video – Video integrated with your spatial data
  • Parcel Management - The next generation of the parcel fabric will introduce 2D/3D editing capabilities and a simpler, more efficient approach for parcel maintenance across the platform.
  • Dimensions - Create, manage, and edit dimensions in an updated format for the ArcGIS Platform
  • Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis - Ability to create charts to explore spatial data for comparing distributions between datasets and/or “normal distributions” and examine data for the presence and direction of trends.
  • Spell Check – Spell check for text throughout the application
  • Metadata Enhancements – Support majority of metadata functionality
  • New Extensions - Aviation: Charting



  • Animated Symbols - Scientific temporal visualizations
  • Offset Printing - For high quality printed map products
  • Presentations - Create and share presentations
  • New Extensions:
    • Maritime: Charting and Bathymetry
    • Roads and Highways


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