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As we shared earlier in the year, we've been interviewing candidates to fill two open positions on our GeoNet Community team and I'm excited to announce that Michelle Mathias  has joined Esri as the new GeoNet Community Manager. Michelle has launched, managed and grown collaborative communities for organizations, most recently for a pharmaceutical… (Show more)
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I have been using the Add Geometry ARCGIS tool to add geometric data to records in a shape file of small of polylines. These small equal length polylines are the consequence of splitting a larger polyline. The Fluvial Corridor Centre line tool produces this larger polyline.   I have just upgraded my system to ARCGIS 10.5.1 and Win 10 on a Mac… (Show more)
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Failed to update federated server. The server returned an error. Error encountered while changing the server role. Failed to start one or more services. 'Service 'GeoAnalyticsTools'.'GPServer' does not exist in folder 'System'.' (ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1)
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Hi, My professor asked me to model a sidewalk network with a point layer representing ADA ramps and a line layer representing crosswalks. I tried many ways to model it but failed in different ways.  Since the points would have no meaning in the network dataset, which means that in the network analyst routes would go through intersections that… (Show more)
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Hi helpful folk! I'm trying to convert a point layer into a single band raster but the conversion doesn't output any values. Any guidance much appreciated.   regards, Rob
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When "merge" is run on two vector layer the error in the image below appears.   Any help appreciated.   #
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I have a polygon layer of many districts boundaries with attribute tables including total population, total woman and total man.   I tried to use random points to show proportion of men and women in different boundaries.   It means that for I want to convert polygons in to random points, in which 49% points represent men and 51% represent women… (Show more)
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I want to clean my data which is occured from line features. I try to get one line feature among other intersecting line features.
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I am finding that including large feature datasets (address point, parcels) in a mobile map package dramatically increases the mobile map package file size. For example, without these my package might be 5 mb but including them it balloons to 800+ mb. The performance is still good but for our purposes I am interested in reducing the final package… (Show more)
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I am having problem to open in an arcmap 10.4 project different wms layer from the albanian geoportal (Home | ASIG Geoportal  ). The wms are published through geoserver and in their capabilities have the epsg 6870 ie . GeoServer Web Map Service  I am using as basemap an WMTS that its pretiled in epsg 6870 (official albanian epsg)  link… (Show more)
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