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I have uploaded a PDF as document into my GeoNet group. Now, I would like to embed it in a blog so that it is easily accessible. How can this be achieved? I was thinking about something similar as embedding videos...
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Hello folks,   I am working on a project to measure the walkability to schools.  After having created a network dataset and service areas around the different schools, I wanted to make Manhattan and Euclidean distance on maps as well as calculations so that I can compute the Pedestrian Route Directness ratio afterwards.   Can someone kindly… (Show more)
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 I don't like the one created for me, when I made a copy from an existing document.   Any suggestions?   Thanks. Adena
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Hi guys, Just o see if someone else is experiencing the following and if you are aware of a solution:   I need to use more than one Esri Account every day, so I use differ Browsers w or w/o anonymous mode.   I am experiencing the similar problem on my work PC and my personal notebook.   Namely, randomly on Firefox 54.0 (Running on W10 PRO at… (Show more)
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I receive arc user and other magazines. I do not want these. how do i stop getting them?
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I am using Data Driven Pages (DDP) in ArcMap 10.3 but the DDP menu that sits at the top does not appear any more.   The DDP button still appears on the Layout Menu (pic attached)  and it is Enabled but when I click on it the DDP menu does not appear!   A few times it appeared briefly for a few seconds then disappeared and another it was hidden… (Show more)
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I have a rather simple question which I'm unfortunately not able to resolve myself and would appreciate a lot if you help me with it.  I need to have null values (<Null>) converted into an actual zero (0), so that I will be able to calculate with my attributes. I need to calculate the sum of attributes of two fields, yet when calculating with… (Show more)
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I would like to make a query in ArcGis to compare two heights in 2 different Feature classes in 1 Oracle-scheme. There is a related field in both feature classes, but no relationship class.   The schemes name in Oracle: VOORPORTAAL The 2 Feature Classes: STUW WS_DOORSTROOMOPENING_KWK With a relate on fields: LOKAALID in STUW WS_STUWID in… (Show more)
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Hi All, Does anyone have a way to automatically fix this issue of the polygon (see inside red circle). I would like it, so the line extends see pic2 (blue circle). This can happen  in any orientation of the polygon (see pic with orange circle). Obviously I can quickly edit this but I need a way to automate this without manual intervention. Open… (Show more)
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