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Hello all,  I am trying to create an orthomapping workspace to stitch images taken by a drone.  The .tiff images do not have the geolocation data. however, I have everything in a .txt file.    When I added the images for the project, and loaded the geolocation.txt file and assigned all the relevant field,  however, when i hit 'ok'. it doesn't… (Show more)
I used Shortest Path from Network Analyst to calculate the shortest distances between multiple points. The result I get is the length of the paths, but what I need is the actual route in terms of arcs taken to get from source to destination point. I have read that shortest path uses Djikstra's algorithm to calculate these paths, is there any way I… (Show more)
Hello, Arcmap 10.3.1 hungs on Initializaing Application phase. it happens on Win7 and Win8.1 machines 1. normal.mxt renamed - no effect 2. ESRI folder renamed - no effect 3. Esriconnector.exe (or whatever, which lies in programfiles\common files\esri\arcmap\bin\connector) renamed - no effect 4. tmp and temp folders moved to C: and there is… (Show more)
Dear All: Recently, I spot a quite tiny error in ArcGIS 10.4.1 model builder. So far, I found two tools have this kind of error: “ raster to polygon” and “extract value to point”. The error is that the tool will automatically change the output name after running it first time. it will automatically add a “.shp” extension. As the result, the whole… (Show more)