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Hi Everyone! I'm working on a project for the university, where I need to align a terrain to a shape (Terrain_before). At the beginning was everything wonderfull and working, and now at the last steps I can't align the terrain to the shape . At first, i could align the terrain to the shape, but i wanted to get a smoother crossing between the… (Show more)
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In this blog post I will describe how you can handle elevation values (Zs) in Survey123 for ArcGIS.  Typically, geopoint questions in your survey will always work in 2D. That is, only latitude and longitude will be stored.  While not obvious, it is actually fairly easy to configure your surveys to work with 3D geopoints.   Enabling Z-enabled… (Show more)
In the introduction section for solar analysis in ArcGIS 3D cities, it is mentioned that the process performs the solar analysis on 3D buildings, also in the assigning average solar radiation values it seems that the process considers roofs and walls but at the end as the sample building image shows, solar radiation considered for roofs only!… (Show more)
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In September, ArcGIS Earth 1.3 released with several new features, including a new slider control for vertical exaggeration (VE). Vertical exaggeration enables users to highlight slight deviations in elevation that are not visibly obvious across relatively flat terrain. Through ArcGIS Earth you can create high value visualizations using 3D, adding… (Show more)
I have 27 point data representing values of groundwater heads in a 3 by 3 grid at three different depths. I want to do two things: (1) represent these 27 points in ArcScene as a 3D map (I know the distances and depths among these points); (2) represent the attribute values (groundwater heads) at these points in 3D map and calculate the… (Show more)
in 3D Cities / Campuses
in 3D Cities / Campuses
At the Esri User Conference each year, we present a wide range of what we call Technical Workshops. Recordings of 50 of these (~1 hour long) presentations from the 2016 conference are now available on YouTube.

They cover ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS  Pro, Story Maps, 3D GIS, and the use of apps like Survey 123, Workforce, Collector, Operations Dashboard, and Drone2Map. There is a lot.  

Take a look and learn. 
I was just at the 3D and UC conference in San Diego.   One of the presenters was working on a model in CityEngine and was having some of the same issues that I have been in regards to bringing in a basemap at a high enough resolution... Theirs looked great, like a vector layer. I asked how they did it and they ran through the steps which resulted… (Show more)
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Hello there!  If you missed the Facilities Envisioning Center presentation at the UC, I encourage you to check out the application of ArcGIS 3D capabilities to the world of property, workplace, and facilities management.  A video link is here ArcGIS – A Mapping Platform for Property and Faci...
This blog will be dedicated to feature extraction from raster or point clouds to vector.    I have been generating content for the World Topo Map Basemaps including the Contours, Spot Elevations, Vegetation and even buildings from Lidar.   Lately, I have been focused on extracting buildings and trees from Lidar and/or imagery.    I wrote a tool to… (Show more)
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