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im have 3dmodel(obj) how i can create a rule with this model like paris cga and courtyard.cga
in 3D Cities / Campuses
I have looked just about everywhere and I haven't been able to come up with any definitive answer.  I have created a 3D interior routing network for a building on our campus and I am trying to get that service to run on Portal before I go much further with the other buildings that we have.  I followed the tutorial on publishing a network analysis… (Show more)
in 3D Cities / Campuses
In the introduction section for solar analysis in ArcGIS 3D cities, it is mentioned that the process performs the solar analysis on 3D buildings, also in the assigning average solar radiation values it seems that the process considers roofs and walls but at the end as the sample building image shows, solar radiation considered for roofs only!… (Show more)
in 3D Cities / Campuses
Hi, We are rebuilding historic Florence (16th century), and need help developing rule packages for 1. churches 2. residential architecture and 3. Palazzi. We have a great team & there is lots of room for creating some very great stuff. Is there anyone out there who would like to work with us? Se sei Fiorentino o Italiano, anche meglio!   Thanks,… (Show more)
in 3D Cities / Campuses
Hello I am currently using Move to perform a structural analysis and evaluate the kinematic evolution of a depression which has suffered several phases of deformation, but in the process of unfaulting and unfolding,  the entire structure keeps on shifting out of the frame of the cross section. Please can anyone advise me on how to keep the… (Show more)
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