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This question has been asked several times, without a satisfactory response regarding a solution, I am asking again, in the hope that *someone* has a solution: (other than reinstalling Windows)     I am running ArcGIS 10.5.1 on Windows 10. And have not had any problems for years except this one, which started 2 days ago; since then, I have… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
Hello, I have created a layer of public toilets in my area and did so by creating a shape file and mapping the points where the toilets where, how do I add information to each point such as opening hours etc?
in 911 GIS
Has anyone created a file geodatabase or xml schema document that, to the extent possible, implements the full data model defined in NENA NG911 for GIS standard?    If so, I (and perhaps others) would find it hugely helpful to get access… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
So i found the attached map online of Kosovo and i was trying to align it to the world imagery, ie similar to how state of Indiana aligns in its "right place" below:     I have no idea what edits i should make to the shapefile to make it fit like this.
in 911 GIS
Any ideas on which Plotter (Printer, ink jet/lase jet) is suitable for printing colored maps from A4 -A0, & posters. Would like to hear, about; models, pros & cons, rollers paper, both normal and water proofs papers, etc, price estimation, inks usage……   Thanks
How do you populate a Field with consecutive numbers in the field calculator ?
in 911 GIS
I'm trying to stack points on my map for the same coordinates. I have already tried to transfer one simple shapefile and one simple geodatabase file to a fresh new map, and ArcMap keeps crashing every time I attempt to disperse markers.   While troubleshooting, I also tried to add representation, creating a feature class, etc. and nothing is… (Show more)
Hi,    I have been given a task that required me to update existing data. I had to unzip a set of e00 files then bring them into Arcmap (I used the extract all method), then use this python code (below) to unpack them     import arcpy, os arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True # Workspace for interchange files arcpy.env.workspace = ws =… (Show more)
in 911 GIS
  I am using model builder to rename different dbf tables name, for the same using rename tool using inline variable %n%. The names are changed what I wish to do is instead of starting the series from 0, start from 1, is it possible? 
in 911 GIS
Having daily rainfall gridded data, now I wish to extract those data to different districts shapefiles. The raster has a label and count. I've tried using zonal histogram and extract by mask but not sure whether they are the appropriate tools or not. Also as data is for 30 years, its time taking to process each every time, suggest any option for… (Show more)
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