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I have two tabs on my Info Window Popup. My code is based on the sample ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox. The only change compared to this sample is: I want to display pie charts on both the tabs. The issue I am facing is: The tab1 is selected when the popup appears but its content is not displayed. But if I click the tab2, the content (pie… (Show more)
I have a Raster precipitation, lets say for Washington state and I have vector study area of that state. I want to get the precipitation in mm/year and the information is in my raster( precipitation)  I tried to clip my raster to my study area and now the next step is to get precipitation in mm/year in min , max or average. Can anyone help me how… (Show more)
hi,   good evening to all,   i've a problem when try out to georeference cad data with arcmap 10.3.1.   an esri error suddenly appears and the program quickly closes when i click add-control point on cad layer   thanks everybody for responses   bob
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Arcmap 10.3 exported jpeg completely black out.   I have exported a jpeg from layout view. It looks completely fine as a shapefile feature class looking like the first image. Then when I export it failed and black out like the second image. Can somebody explain why and how am I supposed to solve it?   Catie
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I would like to export my map to PDF, but when I do that the colored boxes inside the legend disappear. Here is what I am seeing in ArcMap:   But when I export to PDF, it looks like this: The Tract layer is ArcGIS Map Service's online content, 2015 USA Median Household Income. I tried exporting to JPEG, same story! What should I try next?
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Hi! I am trying to use ArcMap 10.4 scatterplot matrix to show the correlation between tornado strength and elevation. I have a 10m DEM (32-bit floating point) for the state, along with survey points. I'm having trouble converting the DEM raster values to point values, in order to graph them on the scatterplot. When I use Spatial Analyst's "Extract… (Show more)
Primarily its use will be as a backup for when a mobile data terminal loses its wireless connection and the officers need ot rely on just whats on their display. I'd like to have a digital map which they can type in a street and if possible an intersection and have it show that.
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Hi all,   I am involved in a project related to Responsive and Augmented Geovisualization of Large Point Clouds. This project focuses on the visualization of geospatial data (geovisualization). It assembles a number of approaches, in order to implement two main objetives: - The responsive visualization of a large number of point data. -… (Show more)
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Hi all,   I need a urgent help.   I rescaled a raster map and now I need to adjust a shapefile points to that new location of raster.   However I need a automatic formula (Phyton preferencially) to translate the features of this shapefile.   Thanks and best regards,   Francisco Gutierres
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