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Hi,     I want to create a work map with Alaska and Russia Overlapped on both ends of the map. The projection must be Van der Grinten I (World). Please help me to create this map.
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Good Afternoon - I have a layer with jpeg attachments that I would like to transfer to another layer using ArcGIS desktop. The photos were attached to the layer using the phone application Collector. I tried using the load data function but no result. 
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I am trying to use Create Drainage Line structure tool in Arc Hydro but it's showing error, even though I've assigned the hydro ID to the stream feature. Hereby I am also linking an attachment of error occurred. My main concern is to condition the dem, also tried assign slope tool but not sure how to decide the high number of starting elevation.… (Show more)
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All the faults on my imported map are composed of small line segments. I'd like to combine the line segments that are connected and which have a similar bearing into single larger segments so that I can get the #fault trace lengths. Is there a way to do that?
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I am trying to create a report after joining a Microsoft Access Database table connection to shape file layer. I ran the report wizard and cleaned up the presentation i the report designer/editor.   With the Dataset option set to "All"  the report generates all 12000 records.  When the Dataset is set to "Selected Set" It does not generate any… (Show more)
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 If we run the Hot Spot analysis only and the results showed hot and cold spots, does that mean that the points are clustered without doing the nearest neighbor analysis?
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I have two tabs on my Info Window Popup. My code is based on the sample ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox. The only change compared to this sample is: I want to display pie charts on both the tabs. The issue I am facing is: The tab1 is selected when the popup appears but its content is not displayed. But if I click the tab2, the content (pie… (Show more)
I have a Raster precipitation, lets say for Washington state and I have vector study area of that state. I want to get the precipitation in mm/year and the information is in my raster( precipitation)  I tried to clip my raster to my study area and now the next step is to get precipitation in mm/year in min , max or average. Can anyone help me how… (Show more)
hi,   good evening to all,   i've a problem when try out to georeference cad data with arcmap 10.3.1.   an esri error suddenly appears and the program quickly closes when i click add-control point on cad layer   thanks everybody for responses   bob
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Arcmap 10.3 exported jpeg completely black out.   I have exported a jpeg from layout view. It looks completely fine as a shapefile feature class looking like the first image. Then when I export it failed and black out like the second image. Can somebody explain why and how am I supposed to solve it?   Catie
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