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Hi! I am trying to use ArcMap 10.4 scatterplot matrix to show the correlation between tornado strength and elevation. I have a 10m DEM (32-bit floating point) for the state, along with survey points. I'm having trouble converting the DEM raster values to point values, in order to graph them on the scatterplot. When I use Spatial Analyst's "Extract… (Show more)
Primarily its use will be as a backup for when a mobile data terminal loses its wireless connection and the officers need ot rely on just whats on their display. I'd like to have a digital map which they can type in a street and if possible an intersection and have it show that.
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Hi all,   I am involved in a project related to Responsive and Augmented Geovisualization of Large Point Clouds. This project focuses on the visualization of geospatial data (geovisualization). It assembles a number of approaches, in order to implement two main objetives: - The responsive visualization of a large number of point data. -… (Show more)
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Hi all,   I need a urgent help.   I rescaled a raster map and now I need to adjust a shapefile points to that new location of raster.   However I need a automatic formula (Phyton preferencially) to translate the features of this shapefile.   Thanks and best regards,   Francisco Gutierres
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I'm trying to make a drive-time area using a layer I constructed with an imported CSV file. The layer itself works fine, but whenever I try to run the drive-time analysis, it processes for several minutes, but ultimately it fails and says "Failed Create Drive-Time Zone..." (I can't remember it word for word.)   Long story short, it fails and… (Show more)
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Many multiplicities receive service requests from citizens via email. Often these service requests are further processed and turned into work orders which require dispatching  public works crews to inspect and address citizen requests. Public works staff often use handheld devices to navigate to the location of the citizen to collect and update… (Show more)
Anyone know how to download map you made in ArcGIS Online? I tries to follow this instructions: 1. Under your My Content page click on your map that has the edit layer. 2. Click on the drop down on the Open button under your map and select Download to ArcGIS 10 for Desktop. But I can't find the Open button (#2)... Appreciate the help!
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Hey all, I am having an issue converting netCDF files into raster format. The data is satellite composite imagery that show vegetation over in the amazon. I have many of these net CDF files and they range in size from about 60kb - 80kb each. I have been using Multidimensional tools --> Make NetCDF Raster Layer. I have been following the guide seen… (Show more)
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I have a zipped shape file on my computer that I would like to add as a layer to a map in ArcGIS for desktop.
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