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Hello Addressers,   We would like to move our editing into the LGIM and use the Address Data Management template but I am struggling with how to handle the complexity that is addressing in Illinois. In a nutshell, we have one block of a street that has multiple renditions of the name. Below are a few screen shots. One side of the street is… (Show more)
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Greetings,   After my upgrade to 10.4.1 I am still struggling with address locators.  I have built a street address locator using US Dual Range Addresses style, style release 10.4.  Our streets feature class covers our entire county.    Prior to this release, I was able to enter a simple address "129 N 2nd St" and get a list of candidates,… (Show more)
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Is there a wildcard I can use in Find and Replace so that I can get rid of things like 'BLDG 7', or 'UNIT A' from the end of addresses. I am trying to match addresses to an address file that does not include the Unit numbers of BLDG numbers. Is there a way to eliminate these types of details from the end of this text string? I can find them with… (Show more)
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