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I have a piece of software that will pull specific file information from an entire directory and write it into an excel spreadsheet.  When set up as a hyperlink, the resulting [Path]+[FileName] in the excel spreadsheet works perfectly as a hyperlink, retrieving the file (regardless if it's document or image).  In Access, I can import this to a… (Show more)
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I recently made a schema change to a feature class with editor tracking enabled.  I exported my data to a feature class in a different database, made the change, then used Load Objects to bring the data back in.  When I brought the data back in, all the editor tracking fields changed to the date and time of the load.  I didn't think ahead of time… (Show more)
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I have  downloaded Desktop 10.4 but when I got to filling in the licensing information I got it wrong & i cannot access Desktop. What can I do?
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Enable Pop-up configuration in the Crowdsourcer Reporter tool.     It wouldn't hurtbe able to click on the feature and see some information about it, even though it is only a reference layer.
Hi, I need a license that has been borrowed by another user. This user's machine is currently not available. How can I force his license to be returned ? Thanks.
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We have a MXD which is published to our ArcGIS 10.2 Server for consumption via our web services. A recent issue with the spatial indexes has caused one of the layers to be consumed not to appear. Where can I see in the Management suite where or what the errors are. Or are any error logs written to the server? Thank you
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I am looking for the Patch Finder for Windows ArcGIS Desktop version 10.4.x.
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Hi, I want to change the attribute field order in a feature class. I am able to add and delete fields fine, but I cant seam to permanently change the display order in the table. I have tried in several different ways ( arcCatelog, Desktop). Thanks, Marcella
Hi My computer meets all system pre-requisites. But not able to install. when i click open the exe file, I get the dialog box to click Run. Then  get the message: "Fatal Error- This program has got corrupted internal data: it will exit. Please obtain a new copy"
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