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My team administers a Enterprise ArcGIS Online Account and we have not found a way to query all members of that organization into a CSV file. What is a practical way to get raw data on all users for our organization?
Hi,   We have Always On setup with few read only severs on SQL Server DB along with ArcGIS application server and are able to connect one of the read only replication server but the queries/ requests are not load balanced or distributed across the read only replication DB servers.   Please advise if any one can advise how this issue can be… (Show more)
Managing your organization’s ArcGIS user accounts and, in particular, user access and user entitlements can be a head-ache, but it doesn’t have to be! The following will describe, briefly, how you can provision your users and add or remove access to your ArcGIS Online apps.   Imagine the scenario, you have licenses for a number of Esri, ArcGIS… (Show more)
I am trying to fetch user detail through portalpy in portal for arcGIS. I am able to get email id and user name. But i Need the details like first name and last name
I have a map created in ArcGIS desktop and imported into Pro, and I need to publish it via Pro but when I went to "SHARE" it's not populating the required options needed to publish it as a service. Does anyone know why?
I used to be able to publish map services to my ArcGIS online on ArcGIS 10.3.3 desktop. I needed to do same recently on 10.4.1 only to realize that I can't seem to figure out the process. Following this steps don't seem to work. File>Share As> Service>Publish As Service----I got stuck at the next level as attached. Then I can't seem to see how… (Show more)
Has anyone succeeded in creating a maintenance notification for AGOL for when they are doing maintenance on a map server or database?   When we upgrade our map server or enterprise geodb. we would like to place a notification on AGOL that states the site is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.   I know I can disable anonymous access but… (Show more)
Can we edit the email invitation which are being sent when we invite users in the ArcGIS online ? We would need to have a customized email that.   Thanks, Amit Prakash
Groups are a powerful resource for ArcGIS users and user organizations. Groups can be made up of users from a common organization or perhaps a public group who all share a common interest. Creating Groups for use in ArcGIS Online can be somewhat tedious, however, it doesn’t have to be. Admin Tools for ArGIS Online has a set of tools that are… (Show more)
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