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Has anyone succeeded in creating a maintenance notification for AGOL for when they are doing maintenance on a map server or database?   When we upgrade our map server or enterprise geodb. we would like to place a notification on AGOL that states the site is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.   I know I can disable anonymous access but… (Show more)
Can we edit the email invitation which are being sent when we invite users in the ArcGIS online ? We would need to have a customized email that.   Thanks, Amit Prakash
Groups are a powerful resource for ArcGIS users and user organizations. Groups can be made up of users from a common organization or perhaps a public group who all share a common interest. Creating Groups for use in ArcGIS Online can be somewhat tedious, however, it doesn’t have to be. Admin Tools for ArGIS Online has a set of tools that are… (Show more)
I've encountered a bug with the admin interface for Web Mapping applications which is causing me major problems. I've created a new "web mapping application" and created content. When I access the app via the javascript API, the response holds all the content in the "itemData" property. Then, I did this: In the settings section, i changed the… (Show more)
Sept. 2016 news update from GEO Jobe - we've shared an update of recent activities in our September newsletter, including details of a recent event we attended, a great video interview with an Esri engineer, a GIS Edu tip, and some details about the new Mapfolio (V 2). What are you mainly using Admin Tools for? We'd love to hear from you
    I compared the cache results between ARCGIS 10.4 and 10.1, the lines are pixelated in 10.4 while the lines in 10.1 were much crispier and clearer in the following display scales: 1:1,128 and 1:2,257. there a setting I missed? I already tried in PNG32, PNG24, PNG8 and PNG.
    I have a hosted feature layer, and was experiencing issues where someone would add a feature in a web browser or in Collector, but it would not save to the feature layer upon ending the edit session.   I discovered with ESRI Tech Support that if you have a definition query on a layer in your mxd used to publish the feature layer, that if the… (Show more)
    Good Morning,   I have been "surfing" the internet looking for answers to the famous Named User accounts using portal.  We are currently using a public facing Portal website so we can have access to our data from anywhere.  The problem is that we are currently using the built in identity store in Portal with only 5 Named User accounts.   My… (Show more)
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