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Arc Hydro Documentation   Arc Hydro versions available   ArcGIS Version Arc Hydro Version ArcGIS 10.5.x ArcGIS 10.4.x You need to download the Stream Link patch for ArcGIS 10.4.1: Esri… (Show more)
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I am trying to map flooding for my site, I kept getting error when I tried to assign Hydro Id. The error mention about not finding TSValue. Any help is appreciated.
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Hello,   I have seen several posts on a few different forums about the 'Adjoint Catchments' tool in ArcHydro running and completing successfully, but without creating any polygons, or fewer polygons than it should have created, with blank attribute tables and/or zero shape areas. As far as I can tell, there is no solution to this problem. There… (Show more)
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I have this computer for ArchHydro version 10.3.145 and ArcGis for desktop 10.3.4322 - SO: Windows Server 2012 R2 - CPu Intel Core i7 950 @ e,07GHz 2 proceessors (8 cores total) - Ram 6GB   when i executed ArchHydro only 1 CPU is used. Its nomal this behaviur? Its posible use 100% of CPU resource?   Thanks in advance!
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Dear ESRI Community   I'd like to find out if anyone has made use of TauDEM for Hydrological Modeling? I'm keen to find out if its possible to determine the following using TauDEM:   Longest Flow Path (Subwatershed or Watershed) Slope 10/85 Length to Centroid (Centroidal Longest Flowpath)     Regards
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I am currently working on a small project which entails creating some flood senarios using newly current lidar data. However I have an issue with lidar data. The Lidar data which we have received contains reflections on the water surface so called specular reflections ( see attatchment beneath) which cause the water surface to have elevations… (Show more)
Hi there,   I'm quite new in ArcGIS (student), so I'm not used to all the possibly tools, ideas and creations of ArcGIS.   At the moment I'm looking for a place to set up a (hypothetical) dumbing ground near Ayamonte, Spain.   I thought about using DEM data sets from EarthExplorer, calculate the flow direction of each cell (with the tool flow… (Show more)
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Does a version work with ArcMap 10.3 or 10.4?
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Here is the some background. I am trying to create streams from DEM. The DEM data is LiDAR product, in 1 meter resolution. I exported a small area of the province. The number of raster cells = 1200million.  I did the hydroconditioning of the DEM, Fill and Flow Direction. All finished successfully within decent time. But the Flow Accumulation took… (Show more)
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