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I am using 10.3.1   ArcMap seems to have forgotten everything's location & won't remember when I fix one filepath ...   I have had this happen before - say, when a containing folder's name is changed - but it has always resolved itself when I fix a filepath or two. This time I have corrected a handful but the rest are still broken (displaying… (Show more)
in Data Quality Management
I wanted to share with you all that there is an updated Data Reviewer template for the Parcel Fabric.

This template comes with two Reviewer Batch Jobs. One for checking your data prior to migrating into the Parcel Fabric and the second is for data in the Parcel Fabric.  The latter has been significantly enhanced.  I have recently worked on a Parcel Fabric project with one of our customers and have defined additional checks that would be helpful in the QC process of the Parcel Fabric.  I've reorganized the Parcel.rbj batch job and added new checks.  Some of the existing checks have been broken out by parcel type so you have more flexibility as to which parcel type you want to validate.  Some of the checks that were previously retired have been added back in as optional checks.  So the checks have been grouped by feature and parcel type and whether they are recommended or optional.

Check it out and give me your feedback!