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Is there an environment variable that can be turned on to see debug information in ArcGIS Earth. I have a kml network link that works correctly, however there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark after the network links has refreshed. 
From my search results it seems like it is possible to add Google Earth Street View to ArcGIS Earth, if you are a developer with a Google API key.    Does anyone know if this has been updated and if it is now possible to add Street-View from within ArcGIS Earth with a button-click?
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Is there a way to access Organizational data in ArcGIS Online through your enterprise login?  ( and ADFS login credentials) Or does the data have to be shared to the public? 
I'm calculating the centroids for a polygon (the city of Morelia in Mexico), but the coordinates that I'm getting are not inside the polygon and are way off from where the polygon is. What could be happening? Are the coordinates from the centroid given in a different forma? (The ones I'm getting are x= 2575360 and y=852065.8) I used Stata to… (Show more)
In September, ArcGIS Earth 1.3 released with several new features, including a new slider control for vertical exaggeration (VE). Vertical exaggeration enables users to highlight slight deviations in elevation that are not visibly obvious across relatively flat terrain. Through ArcGIS Earth you can create high value visualizations using 3D, adding… (Show more)
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Has anyone had issues with ArcGIS Earth 1.1 displaying images?   I get the following;  
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Hi there,   I have just downloaded the ArcGIS Earth application and I had hoped to be able to roll this out to planners and other teams within our department.  However, the resolution never changes when I zoom in from the initial globe view.  When I try to add any background maps(for instance World Imagery) from AGOL I get the error message… (Show more)
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ArcGIS Earth is pretty awesome.  Out of the gate it reads projected shapefiles (in addition of KML and KMZ), measuring distance and area is A LOT easier, and you can switch basemaps.  Then for those that use it, you can add your ArcGIS Online map services to ArcGIS Earth!  This is great!   However, if you're going to call something version 1, you… (Show more)
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Is there an example template of a CSV file that can successfully be added to ArcGIS Earth?  The wizard pops up and I am selecting fields for both X and Y.  I get "string errors" after that.  I have experimented with multiple coordinate formats.  Any help or examples of success would be much appreciated.
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Installation was "interrupted" before it was installed. Windows Compatibility checker says "ArcGIS Earth is incompatible". I have made sure .Net is up to date too.

Any advice?
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