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Just wanted to share a few functionalities that I enjoyed in Google Earth that doesn't seem available yet in ArcGIS Earth (Version 1.5 Build 1704). Thanks for your consideration!1. ability to edit a draw feature (point, line, polygon) from the map vice the TOC2. location units: degrees decimal minutes3. ability to copy, cut, and paste individual… (Show more)
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Can ArcGIS Earth be configured for SDE connections (MS SQLServer)? 
Hi,   I've looked through the little help documentation on ArcGIS Earth I was able to find online, and I'm not seeing how to resolve this error in there.  I'm connecting to ArcGIS Earth through our Portal site (which is version 10.5.1), rather than through ArcGIS Online.   I've noticed when I go to add a basemap or terrain within the ArcGIS Earth… (Show more)
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Can someone please give me more information of using the ArcGIS Earth timeslider feature? I am trying out opening our Google Earth .kmz time series files, but the timeslider is not automatically opening. The .kml files associated with the .kmzs use <timespan> to set a 24-hour duration for each file.

Are there plans for ArcGIS Earth to support (display) photo attachments if loaded from a hosted feature service?
ArcGIS Earth 1.5 - still trouble with AMD FireGL on Dual graphics laptop

Hi - I just installed ArcGIS Earth 1.5 and an issue I always had is unfortunately still there:
ArcGIS Earth will only run on the on-board Intel HD graphics card - not on the AMD FirePro M4100 FireGL V
A shame - since the FireGL would have much more graphics power.

I wonder: Has anyone ever found a solution for that? Others have reported similar ( -  and no - it can not be solved by installing another AMD driver.
During beta of Earth 1.x this was discussed (with support), tested and not succesfull and has been the issue since. Drivers are as recent as supported and i.e. ArcGIS Pro runs smoothly on the AMD card - very nice!.

Keep in mind though that the same issue arises with Drone2Map - so things point to "Runtime" as the cause. Here it is even worse, since Drone2Map would make use of the GPL for processing - and cant that way.

But since there are many individual settings for AMD graphics cards in the control center, my hope remains that this can be solved by adjusting these settings on an application level. Any ideas? Successes?  
Can ArcGIS Earth be configured to use other email solutions such as gmail. Currently it seems to default to Outlook only. I did not see anything that could be configured in the Config.xml.   John
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Can a mapping layer from using a KML file be adjusted to be more transparent? Have a transparency slider?
Hi,   I don't know under which circumstances but sometimes, when I try to save a measured line or path using the small button at bottom right of the measure window, the application crashes (ArcGIS Earth stopped working). I am using ArcGIS Earth 1.5 on Windows 10 Pro...   Best regards,   Serge
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Please help me. I am trying to do the on-line training of ArcGis Earth, but when I try to sign in, it doesn´t sign in and I get the message :  Unable to connect to the portal. Please make sure that the specified portal is up, running and the URL is correct.
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