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Hi there,   I have just downloaded the ArcGIS Earth application and I had hoped to be able to roll this out to planners and other teams within our department.  However, the resolution never changes when I zoom in from the initial globe view.  When I try to add any background maps(for instance World Imagery) from AGOL I get the error message… (Show more)
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Has anyone had issues with ArcGIS Earth 1.1 displaying images?   I get the following;  
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When a user clicks Firefox browser "Back" button from a Portal page, say https://[host]/arcgis/home/webmap/viewer.html?useExisting=1, the token in esri_auth cookie get renewed.   Is this a known bug or an intended feature for 10.3.1? The esri_auth cookie is set to expired per session.  Among the variables in the esri_auth, only token is encoded… (Show more)
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Hi, I have a KMZ file which loads in Google Earth but not ArcGIS Earth (1.2) should I just upload it here? In a wider sense, some idea of what we would have to do to our software to get it to export files that ArcGIS Earth can load would be useful. 
Hi,   I would like to know if there's any possibility to make some data query in ArcGIS Earth ?   Thanks,   JF
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There seems to be a bug: every time I try to add something form the living atlas, while logged in, it asks for my credentials twice and then fails to load. 
Hi, I downloaded ArcGIS earth and at the first zoom in action all the imagery tiles of the base map were a mess. like a puzzle that a little boy messed up.   Is there a way to check what is causing this? attached a print-screen of the mess.
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I searched through the other posts but didn't see anyone having performance issues with ArcGIS Earth.  Like many others, I am delving in to ArcGIS Earth due to the changes in Google Earth Pro.   I am having some serious performance issues after opening ArcGIS Earth.  The initial screen will load completely black, and then the program will freeze… (Show more)
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Will there be an Add-In SDK that third party extensions to this?
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I didn't have any trouble changing the ArcGIS Online URL to point at my organization. I was able to sign in using a 'standard' ArcGIS Online account that is linked to my organization (that has a username and password) ... BUT I couldn't find any option to sign in using our Enterprise managed SAML (single sign on) accounts. e.g. Set up… (Show more)
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