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Hi Geonet,   I am currently working in a very CAD centric environment and we exploring how we integrate GIS with AutoCAD.   We are currently using AutoCAD for ninety percent of the work that we do but as we get more in to the GIS we are realizing that we need to come up with a good work flow for managing data and integrating GIS and AutoCAD.  … (Show more)
in ArcGIS for AutoCAD
Hello All, I am new to ArcGIS for AutoCAD and very unfamiliar with it at this point. We have been using AutoCAD Geomaps and capturing view ports for our maps, however due to the new Bing update they are not up to par anymore. My problem right now is when I have a view laid out in paper space and the map is showing it will randomly disappear. I cannot get very close to imagery in model space (to trace lines or measure road widths) without the background map disappearing as well. Any help would be appreciated.
FEMA changed their URL August 1 to a secured URL. When I try to add it to my server connection I get an error. See attached.
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I am trying to export a pipe network 3D drawing into shapefile, and I am using this following method:    "Use ExporttoSDF command, Start a new drawing, then use MapImport to import that .sdf file. I am making sure to create object data during import."   Everything works fine but when importing the sdf in the new drawing,  the start/end z values of… (Show more)
Hi Don.
Would like to know is it still the case that you are not able to edit arcgis online hosted feature services in autocad?
Hi there, when I try to open ArcGis for AutoCAD 365, I get the "No valid version of AutoCAD installed" message. I have checked the install requirements and apparently I have all that I need. Could it possibly be because my Autocad is a Student Version? If not, what can I do?
in ArcGIS for AutoCAD

Hi there,
I just discovered this ArcGIS for AutoCAD, and I can't connect to my maps from Arcgis online...
i have this " no supported services" error...
I use AutoCAD Map 2016,...
I really don't know what I'n doing wrong or missing
Many thanks
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