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Hi,   I cant get the default numerical values to appear on my Geoform. What gives? Is this an oversight or a technical limitation?   Thanks, Aaron
in ArcGIS Online Templates
In most templates, when you click on a location, a popup appears showing the features below the point with details as per the popup config. Where multiple features are returned, you have to click the arrow to move to the next record. I need all these features to be returned as a list, ideally in a sidebar. Is there a template that could do… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online Templates

Just wondering when the Story maps updated cascade template will be released? 
It is currently in Beta and I have read that a new template is coming this September.

Is there an exact release date?
We would love to use this but if the release date is too far off we'll have to use another product.


Hi there,    The summary viewer is a great tool, but what would really make it amazing is the ability to filter by multiple fields (e.g. provinces OR municipalities) and also multiple layers (e.g. points OR polygons).  Currently you can also select 1 layer for filtering and only 1 field from that layer.  This means if you want to make a map that… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online Templates
We are setting up Crowdsource Reporter for a mobility and connectivity study and would like to customize the basemap (the viewer basemap, not the report submission map) to show features from our current bicycle and greenway master plans.  I am guessing I need to download the source code from GitHub, but any advice from folks who have already done… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online Templates
We are shortly doing some public consultation on potential locally listed buildings and I need to deploy a webmap which displays the information about each building and invites the public to comment. I have tried the Crowdsource Polling template and it appears to do just this.   However, I now need to display another layer on the map… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online Templates
I have a feature template set up in a basic edit web app and I want it to use the point selected to auto-poplate that feature instead of have to re-pick the same feature again in the pull down.  See below..  I selected the blue "For" point but when I place it on the map I have to reselect "For" in the Status pull down.  
in ArcGIS Online Templates
Is there a way to reset an ArcGIS Web Mapping Application back to default settings for everything (i.e. widgets, settings, etc)?   One of my web mapping applications is acting abnormally, which seems to have started after the most recent ArcGIS Online update.  My other web mapping applications with similar functionality are working normally… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online Templates
I am trying to develop an application to collect data regarding natural areas that don't have an address tied to them. My first efforts have been funneled into the Crowdsource Reporter template. I've got an extremely rough version of it working, however there is a problem regarding the Location section of the Form Submission:   As far as I can… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Online Templates
October 2015 I attended a workshop on the creation of the Historic Map Collection viewer. At the workshop we were told all resource files (MXD, custom toolbox with 3 scripts, data template) would be available on   NOTE: I am not talking about the GitHub repository for the application files. I have those. What I am looking for are the… (Show more)
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