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I am trying to develop an application to collect data regarding natural areas that don't have an address tied to them. My first efforts have been funneled into the Crowdsource Reporter template. I've got an extremely rough version of it working, however there is a problem regarding the Location section of the Form Submission:   As far as I can… (Show more)
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So, you want to add a cool map to your website that shares where customers and clients can find you or your various office locations. Below we quickly explain how we made a nice location map for GEO Jobe HQ. Creating your location map is easy. Simply log into your ArcGIS Online account. Using the map viewer, search for your office location(s).… (Show more)
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Elevation Profile Template - unable to display elevation profile for a feature using its FID value as URL parameter

I have downloaded the Elevation Profile Template and configured it with my webmap. The application works fine.
My webmap contains a line feature layer - it was imported from shape file. The problem:
I would like to call this application with FID value as URL parameter to display the elevation profile of choosen feature. 
The corresponding part of the default.js file:
  "customUrlLayer": {
    "id": "1", //id of the search layer as defined in the web map
    "fields": ["FID"] //Name of the string field to search
  "customUrlParam": "route", //Name of url param. For example parcels

I am sure that I miss something. When I call the app with following syntax :".../index.html?route=3" it locates an address with the number 3 at the beginning :(.

I have been using the Crowdsource Polling template for a public consultation and this has now come to an end. I would like to keep this map active but simple disable the ability to make comments. The only way I can see to do this is to remove the Create and Update options on Feature Access for the map service. However, whilst it stops entries… (Show more)
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Re: Web App Local Perspective Template.Is there a way to create a short link for this type of template?   I wish templates can be customized using the web app builder or for ESRI to just add widget options inside the template configuration.  Is that hard?
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I am trying to create a geoform that will allow contractors to draw a shape around an area to submit for a water availability request. While trying to customize the app, I choose my map but when trying to choose my editable layer there aren't any options available. Does the geoform app not allow polygons as an editable layer?
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Hello,   Does anyone have any idea of what the problem might be if I receive the following message on Crowdsource Reporter please?     Thank you, Emily
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I have seen Ismael Chivite's grid for Collector, GeoForm and Survey123.  I am currently using GeoForm but need my users (public) to capture an area.  Someone responded on GeoNet that polygons were possible with Survey123 but when I tested the app it only seemed to be applicable to points.  Can someone please clarify?
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