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Re: Web App Local Perspective Template.Is there a way to create a short link for this type of template?   I wish templates can be customized using the web app builder or for ESRI to just add widget options inside the template configuration.  Is that hard?
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I am trying to create a geoform that will allow contractors to draw a shape around an area to submit for a water availability request. While trying to customize the app, I choose my map but when trying to choose my editable layer there aren't any options available. Does the geoform app not allow polygons as an editable layer?
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Hello,   Does anyone have any idea of what the problem might be if I receive the following message on Crowdsource Reporter please?     Thank you, Emily
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I have seen Ismael Chivite's grid for Collector, GeoForm and Survey123.  I am currently using GeoForm but need my users (public) to capture an area.  Someone responded on GeoNet that polygons were possible with Survey123 but when I tested the app it only seemed to be applicable to points.  Can someone please clarify?
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Over the past couple of months, I have being working quite a bit with related data in ArcGIS Online and associated apps. In this blog, I am going to discuss some of my experiences to help others get a better understanding of the capabilities available to them and how they can be setup.   What is Related Data?   The answer is in its name! Related… (Show more)
One of our offices has created a Story Map Journal shared with Everyone that presents information about community meetings that are scheduled throughout the year.  They add sections to the Story Map as more of these meetings or related activities/events are planned.  Is there a way to "subscribe" to or follow a Story Map so that subscribers are… (Show more)
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Hi,   I cant get the default numerical values to appear on my Geoform. What gives? Is this an oversight or a technical limitation?   Thanks, Aaron
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Hello,   I wonder is there any significant application difference between the "Citizen Problem Reporter" vs "Citizen Science Reporter" please?  It seems that only the geodatabase sample is different.  They both are being used as a Crowdsource product, correct?  None of them is retiring, correct?   Thanks alot! Emily
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Story Maps are easy to author, but to craft a truly great one you’ll likely need to put in a little extra effort . Like playing a guitar, it’s easy to learn the F, C, G, and E chords and start strumming away. But if you’re looking to become a true virtuoso, then it will take some thought, study, prep, and even practice. Here are 10 steps for… (Show more)
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