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I need to know how to create a 3D WEB Scene for a big polygon data using ArcGIS Pro. Actually I want to extrude each polygon on  depending on the field value. All of that is not a problem to create on a desktop scene but I need a web scene of that. I have tried to do that and shared the scene but when I open it in Scene Viewer I cant see extruded… (Show more)
When I right click to open attribute table my arcGIS 10.3 crash.This has happened more than ten times. Even if I restart the PC, I face same issue.  What should I do to prevent this?
I'm using ArcGIS Pro Standard License v. 1.3.1.  I would like to see a pause drawing button in Pro as is currently available in ArcGIS Desktop.  This is helpful when adding complex features, large datasets, or sql views to the map view, and not having to wait to draw the new content each time a feature is added.