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In arcgis-pro-1.4.1, what happened to the Intersection and Midpoint tools from the ArcMap editor toolbar feature construction palette? They were the most useful tools there besides Trace.   I can't find anything in the ArcGIS Pro Online Help about them. Are they still available to be added as a Customization or are they not currently included?
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I have a Task where one of the Steps is to Automatically run a Python script.   I have AddMessage's at points where the script might fail and showing the progress of the script.   Where does it show these messages when it is a Step in a Task.  When I run the script stand alone it shows these messages in the Geoprocessing tab, but not when it is a… (Show more)
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I'm working on the Prerelease arcgis pro, and maybe this will be addressed at the final release, but I am having a hard time with the unique values symbology.  Like ArcMap the default unique symbology adds the, in my opinion, the annoying "All Other Values" class.  In Pro I can't find a way to delete this, or at least NOT to show up in the… (Show more)
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With ArcMap, I could hover over a curve segment and press the 'r' key and a pop up would appear to input the radius. Doesn't happen with Pro.
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As a geodatabase administrator, how do I access the version manager in ArcGIS Pro in order to delete a version that has been abandoned by the user (they no longer work here)?  I have reviewed this document Versioning in ArcGIS Pro—Geodatabases | ArcGIS Desktop  and not found it helpful for my needs. If I'm not editing a version, how can I access… (Show more)
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Hi all,   First off I love Pro, especially tasks. Secondly, I have a task set up for editing street data and automatically calculating multiple of the fields. I added some error messages to the script to warn me when a selection is too large to continue, but I can't seem to get the error messages to pass through and be visible in the task. When… (Show more)
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I have had trouble accessing Esri basemaps in Desktop, Online and in Pro.  For example, in Pro, the Living Atlas icon is not active, and I have been unable to figure out what setting or similar I need to change.  I tried to add the ArcGIS map server, but no connection achieved.  Occasionally, I get a basemap error in AGOnline when I attempt to… (Show more)
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To be more precise, I need to attach pictures to a point feature class In ArcGIS Pro.  I am trying to use the Attachments toolset but I am not able to generate correctly an Match table.  How do I manage to set up this table? how do I fix a Match path field?    Thank you in advance! Laurent Santos
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