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In a High availability setup, is it recommended to setup ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Server in a Windows cluster. Is it recommended practice?
In terms of High Availability what is the difference between ArcGIS Server deployment scenarios and WMware 6.0 HA solution? I was told that VWware high availability solution can rebuild the failed server quickly. What are the pros and cons of two different solutions?  
we are planning to have HA Arcgis Server/Portal/data store, they will be federated and for authentication we will use ADFS  We are having hardware NLB    Now my question is do we have to install Web Adapter on portal or arcgis server ? We feel adding Web adapter will add one extra layer without any advantage?
Hello, We are trying to set up geospatial services in our high performance computing cluster running Linux. Somebody at ESRI talked to one of our faculty and mentioned the possibility of installing ArcGIS Server with ArcGIS Engine on top. I'm doubtful this will be the solution for using multiple nodes for faster performance and processing of… (Show more)
This week I have seen that our 2 GIS Servers with 8 gb's of RAM / server, was using 91% of the RAM / server.  I saw that there was always a SOC instance open when a map service was not in use.  Here is where the issue begins.  We have 56 map services / server, and the open SOC's are anywhere from 80 - 120 mb's.  We were using just over 7 gb's of… (Show more)
In a portal high availability 10.5 scenario, I noticed that when a standby portal machine detects failure in the primary machine, it communicates with the failed primary machine and drops (the standby machine i mean) its "c:\arcgisportal\db" directory and create a new one (may be based on info from the failed primary db folder)! I noticed that… (Show more)