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This week I have seen that our 2 GIS Servers with 8 gb's of RAM / server, was using 91% of the RAM / server.  I saw that there was always a SOC instance open when a map service was not in use.  Here is where the issue begins.  We have 56 map services / server, and the open SOC's are anywhere from 80 - 120 mb's.  We were using just over 7 gb's of… (Show more)
In a portal high availability 10.5 scenario, I noticed that when a standby portal machine detects failure in the primary machine, it communicates with the failed primary machine and drops (the standby machine i mean) its "c:\arcgisportal\db" directory and create a new one (may be based on info from the failed primary db folder)! I noticed that… (Show more)
I've switched my TOC source to a version in our SDE server. I then execute a simple python script to select rows by attribute. The selection works, but then all redraws of the map throw up a dialog box titled "ArcMap Drawing Errors". The box contains a line for each feature class in the version (there are 6 of them), each line followed by the… (Show more)