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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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Hi, I have created a feature service layer on my arcgis online portal and hosted it there also. Now I want to use this feature service layer on map through arcgis javascript api v3.2. Now I want to pass username and password through code and can access feature service layer as I don't want to ask credential from user.     Can you please provide… (Show more)
At last year's Developer Summit, Jesse van den Kieboom demonstrated how realistic water effects can be applied to a JavaScript based web application (see slides, demo and source).  The Prototype Lab modified Jesse's code to work with coastal inundation areas hosted in an AGOL feature service.  This sample is based on version 4.3 of the ArcGIS API… (Show more)
I have an esri map, and a print task service , After loading the map , I have added custom graphics on my map , but when i tried to take the screenshot by using JavaScript Print Task (**esri.tasks.PrintTask**) , it is only printing the default map same as it is ArcGIS Server, not printing the programmatically added custom graphics. Here is my… (Show more)
Hi,   I want to get LastModifiedDate or Last Edit Date of feature layer through javascript api v3.2. How do I achieve that?     Thanks, Kamal
Hi,  I want to filter data on feature layer when user select value from dropdown.   On my feature layer, I have showed 25 locations with a pin symbol and there is dropdown which contains all these 25 locations. Now what I want is when user select value from dropdown then map will show and zoomin that location only  and rest of the locations will… (Show more)
All, I am using javascript API 3.19 and sandbox to test my sample. I am trying to print the picturemarker symbol which has "imageData": base 64 string of my svg image. and it prints the image on the map in the pdf result, only if  my screen size is 100% and map div width is > 800px.   However if I change my screen size to smaller, then the map… (Show more)
I wonder if it is possible to use the labels renderers defined in a .mxd published as a Map Service (Feature Access enabled) for a FeatureLayer with the javascript API v4.3 just like it works with the geometry renderer?   I define a featureLayer like this:   var organismesLayer = new FeatureLayer({   url:… (Show more)
Hi, Is there any api or method in ArcGIS JavaScript 3.20 API  where I will pass csv data and create layer in arcgis online?. Right now to create layer there is only one option. We have to go site and have to upload csv file. I am just looking that how we can create layer through Javascript 3.0 api.     Thanks, Kamal 
I have an app that allows the user to draw a shape (on a div above the map) then converts that shape into an ersi shape. I want to zoom to the bounds of the shape. I see that I can use extent on the map view, but I'm not sure how to convert my xy points into what the extent expects. I know that you can convert xy to lat/lon with webMercatorUtils,… (Show more)
I have an app that allows the user to draw a circle on the map (using my own svg layer above the ESRI map). When they are done, I convert the user's inputs into an ESRI Circle. It almost works. The problem is that if I use nautical-miles I always get an ellipsis that is taller than it is wide. The user is then confused about why their circle… (Show more)
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