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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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Is it possible to replace the default arcpy error message with a custom message using `arcpy.AddError(msg)` or else for a GP Service published into ArcGIS Server? if I use:     arcpy.AddError("This is my custom error message") My custom message only appears printed in the details. like this: (sorry its in french):     {        error :… (Show more)
hi we are developing custom forms in sharepoint application for data entry and retrieval. what is preferable way of saving user input to ArcSDE?
CSV | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.17    I am using the example above. Instead of Longitude and Latitude, I have columns of Northing and Easting in my csv.  How do I indicate to the API  to look at those columns for displaying the data points.  The projection is NAD UTM zone 10N.
I have successfully launched an application from IIS However the session isn't working the same way as it was in the javascript widget. Here is the break down from original javascript widget:   1. Form.html {this is the html page that houses the unique id that is being shared through a session to the JavaScript in the editor widget}: var sample =… (Show more)
What is the difference in using ArcGIS Online/ ArcGIS Portal vs ArcGIS Javascript API? What can you do with ArcGIS Javascript API that you cannot do in ArcGIS Online/ Portal.
Hi, everyone! I'm having a problem with a creation of Layer in site Developers. When i answer all steps, show the error is in the image. It does not show cause of the error. How can resolve this problem?
Hello, I have created one dispersed map service for arcgis server, but the points are very big and I can see a big point at large scale. Please give me a solution, when i have created the disperse using arctoolbox, I have used current map scale of the data frame. Because without a scale the tool does not allow to create disperse locations. I want… (Show more)
I'm working on an Angular, Ionic, ESRI application that shows EV charge stations on a map. I have a view that displays the map with feature layer of charge stations. I have another view that displays a list of charge stations pulled from the graphics property of the feature layer.   My problem is that the list of charge stations is empty until… (Show more)
Does anyone know how to consume REST services within Web app builder, that are not added into the initially created web map.  I want to be able to work with (consume) services without linking the service into the web map.  If I want to add a REST URL into my map, without adding the REST service into a Web Map (1st); can I use the… (Show more)
Hi All,   I am about to develop a simple map application for an organization on a pro bono basis. The organization is under the category of Trust / Society / NGO  with reference to  80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 of India. I am planning to develop the web map by using ESRI Java script API +  Database +Django Rest framework. Plz note:      … (Show more)
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