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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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Hello Everyone, is it possible to add a featureclass mapservice as a base map in esri basemap gallery with existing basemaps in arcgis js api and also can I see the pop-up information of layer onclick event?   Thanks
I'm having issues with point maker symbols being rotated in an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer based on a field in the data.  The server sometimes will not render with the rotation and then upon a zoom or pan it will start to rotate again.  My symbols will also never rotate if printed.  This only happens with our 10.5 services.  Anyone else having… (Show more)
I’d like understand what has changed on being able to export feature layers from ArcOnline. Before I could go into my feature layer, and hit either Share I believe and I could export the feature layer as a shapefile, csv, etc. I have examples in my content of where I did this. Yes I own the feature layers. Now however I cannot figure out how to… (Show more)
Hi all.   I have some issue with loading Image Layer. I created mosaic dataset and published it as Image Service on ArcGis Server. Then i connect to this service from web-client. Below is java script that i use : map = new Map("map", { basemap: "topo", center: [26.4171, 49.8400], zoom: 17 }); var params = new ImageServiceParameters();… (Show more)
I'm trying to use ArcGIS Server's GeometryService to get an offset geometry from an input polyline. My application uses the webmercator projection, and when I call the Offset method, it returns a geometry that's offset by an amount different than what I asked for: I asked for 30.48 meters and the response was offset by about 24 meters. I tried… (Show more)
how to use angular-esri-loader?
Hi, I have created a feature service layer on my arcgis online portal and hosted it there also. Now I want to use this feature service layer on map through arcgis javascript api v3.2. Now I want to pass username and password through code and can access feature service layer as I don't want to ask credential from user.     Can you please provide… (Show more)
At last year's Developer Summit, Jesse van den Kieboom demonstrated how realistic water effects can be applied to a JavaScript based web application (see slides, demo and source).  The Prototype Lab modified Jesse's code to work with coastal inundation areas hosted in an AGOL feature service.  This sample is based on version 4.3 of the ArcGIS API… (Show more)
I have an esri map, and a print task service , After loading the map , I have added custom graphics on my map , but when i tried to take the screenshot by using JavaScript Print Task (**esri.tasks.PrintTask**) , it is only printing the default map same as it is ArcGIS Server, not printing the programmatically added custom graphics. Here is my… (Show more)
Hi,   I want to get LastModifiedDate or Last Edit Date of feature layer through javascript api v3.2. How do I achieve that?     Thanks, Kamal
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