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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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I am currently working with ArcGIS API for Javascript 4.3 and I am having issues with creating dependent drop downs as a means of filtering multiple fields. For instance, in the following Feature Service: Layer: states (ID: 3) , I am wanting to have one drop down that is populated by SUB_REGION and then another dependent drop down that is… (Show more)
We have an ArcGIS java script web application. We need to add a functionality to allow the user to upload the Drawing file (DGN/DWG/SHP) from the client browser and Zoom into the drawing file location and display the drawing as a map service. It should be on the fly and it should maintain the symbology.   Any suggestions?  
I am using dynamic layer to load different data on map when we search. There are two ways to search: 1. by using country name 2. by using country as well as state name. When we search using state and country name, then I am not having any issue. But when I search using just country name then I am getting "Error 500: Internal server error". I am… (Show more)
We are seeing this Msg in GIS Server log type='INFO3' code='17002' target='xx/xx.MapServer' methodName='GraphicFeatureLayer.Update' machine='xx-xx' user='arcgismanager' process='7488' thread='5296'>Invalid Spatial Reference in the input for the operation on Layer: ..xx. Using Map's Spatial Reference.</Msg> This happening from editable… (Show more)
Dear all, I am not getting any point why my mapservice is working too late. Its bit hectic for clients. The map boundary which is a mapservice coming late while zoom in / out with base map. It takes approximately 5/6 seconds to refresh. Please give me some suggestions. Please see the following image. My web application is build on arcgis… (Show more)
In a feature service , Rest endpoint ApplyEdits permit to fill the version name where the edits occur . How can we retrieve the version list of the feature being edited ? Regards
I working on map.infoWindow.resize(x,y) to resize my map popups based on the type and amount of content. This has begged the question:   What is the default size of a map popup and how do I obtain this value?   TIA
I have a layer with 14 milion polygons. I would like to use it on a javascript application. What is the best way to display this layer? Currently it takes a very long time to draw these polygons and the server is maxed out on CPU every time a request comes in. Is there a more efficient way to render this layer on the web?
The error: {"error":{"code":400,"message":"Unable to complete operation.","details":["Error executing tool. Export Web Map Job ID: j56ff7247723a48e89f247ed4dfbb5d70"]}} The scenario: Local on-premise Portal for ArcGIS with federated ArcGIS Server Webmap which contains secured and shared on-premise map service and a remote secured map service.… (Show more)
I have used the following snippet in my html for displaying a map   <div id="mapView" data-dojo-type="" data-dojo-props="selected: true"><div id="mapContainer" data-dojo-type=""><div id="map"></div>   If I do not use [dojox requires] in that html   The html shows only span button. Only clicking on span, the… (Show more)
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