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I am using a short list story map but have more than 100 point features for one of the tabs. Because of that in IE11 and most of the mobile browsers the labels with the numbers for the places will not display when the number is above 100. I can see all of them in Chrome 51. Where I can change the maximum number of points for a tab?   Thanks!
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Content Author HERE and @Esri are working with this hospital to ... Natalie Jung Story Map Apps Be Vector Ready
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Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to access the archive class in a Map Service on ArcGIS Server. I have a Map Service with feature class stored in a SDE GeoDatabase with Archiving and Versionning enabled. My questions are: When features are added/updated/removed on a feature class with Archiving using the Feature Access… (Show more)
I am working with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK (10.2.4) and am trying to use the ServiceFeatureTable class to retrieve and update features from a published service on our 10.1 server.  I can query the feature rows fine, and can view the Attributes and Geometry in those features.  When I try to use the ApplyEditsAsync method to apply the attribute update… (Show more)
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