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Hi everyone, i have one question.   When i install SpatioTemporal DataStore my machine consume the 90% of the ram? i want to know if is a bug or if i set wrong the configuration, thanks for your help.
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SpatioTemporalDatabase and queries? I am playing with GeoEvent 10.4.1 and SpatioTemporalDatabase.  I have loaded all the lightning for Norway since 2001, and have about 2.5 million records.  The drawing of the webmap goes fast and looks cool.   But I have a question about running queries:  I am not able to use output statistics. I do… (Show more)
Many of you may have across following errors while setting up ArcGIS Spatiotemporal Big Data Store:   None of the configured nodes are available: [] Server error code 500 (Failed to create the service 'Hosted/BDSserviceName.FeatureServer'. null) An SSL Handshake error has occurred when attempting to communicate with… (Show more)
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