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Hi, Currently I'm doing a conversion from MSSQL to Spark/SparkSQL.  I’m using the esri-geometry-api and spatial-sdk-hadoop packages from esri which are mostly fine.  Except the data in sql server is of geography data type, with the smaller polygon conversions all was well but with the bigger ones where the earths curvature has some impact I am… (Show more)
Geoanalytices Server of ArcGIS 10.5 prerelease when I register Big Data File Share,I offen have the problem:"An error has occurred while generating the big data file share manifest" and the logs write: Error executing tool. GenerateManifest Job ID: jd1493492bc3e4340aeb383990daa2757 : {"messageCode":"BD_101030","message":"Failed to execute… (Show more)
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Could anyone direct me to where I can find 3d borehole data with geo-spacial and stratigraphic info in the public domain?
hi everybody... i want to the download agroclimatic in the world of nasa or every source ... can you help me! thankful ...
Hi everyone, i have one question.   When i install SpatioTemporal DataStore my machine consume the 90% of the ram? i want to know if is a bug or if i set wrong the configuration, thanks for your help.
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SpatioTemporalDatabase and queries? I am playing with GeoEvent 10.4.1 and SpatioTemporalDatabase.  I have loaded all the lightning for Norway since 2001, and have about 2.5 million records.  The drawing of the webmap goes fast and looks cool.   But I have a question about running queries:  I am not able to use output statistics. I do… (Show more)
Many of you may have across following errors while setting up ArcGIS Spatiotemporal Big Data Store:   None of the configured nodes are available: [] Server error code 500 (Failed to create the service 'Hosted/BDSserviceName.FeatureServer'. null) An SSL Handshake error has occurred when attempting to communicate with… (Show more)
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