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I have a python script that calculates  x coordinates , y coordinates for a point geometry that sits within a feature dataset of an SDE (SQL Express). The script worked fine on a file geodatabase however when it runs on the SDE feature class, it stalls at the updateCursor function.   "ERROR: 999999: Error executing function....Objects in the… (Show more)
  I think one way would be Using the LiDAR data and developing flood grids but I am not sure. having this would help me to develop a preliminary analysis of potentially affected area. I think that way it will help to better understand the watershed dynamics as well as a preliminary business case for further analysis. I am looking for help for this… (Show more)
Is there an easy way to get rid of fields and modify field names from a summary statistic output table? e.g. when the tool runs it produces fields like OBJECTID (I don't need and I cannot use the delete tool), sum_DPT (I don't need sum at the beginning of the field name).
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I have two tabs on my Info Window Popup. My code is based on the sample ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox. The only change compared to this sample is: I want to display pie charts on both the tabs. The issue I am facing is: The tab1 is selected when the popup appears but its content is not displayed. But if I click the tab2, the content (pie… (Show more)
I have a Raster precipitation, lets say for Washington state and I have vector study area of that state. I want to get the precipitation in mm/year and the information is in my raster( precipitation)  I tried to clip my raster to my study area and now the next step is to get precipitation in mm/year in min , max or average. Can anyone help me how… (Show more)
I am trying to develop a workflow based off of NGA guidelines pertaining to the use of an MGRS grid at the 1:100,000 scale. I am having difficulty finding a way to customize the interior grid ladder. For 100K maps they require only that every even numbered line be labeled on the inside. I am not seeing an option for this. Any help would be… (Show more)
Hi,    ArcMAP does not export 3D icons for point symbols in graphic elements. If this icon is taken as a symbol of any point feature class, it works fine. But when a legend is made in map layout, it neither prints nor exports.    Please find the screenshots which show legend text but no symbols   Also this is the case for any picture symbols. … (Show more)
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