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Route BegN6 BegE6 EndN6 EndE6 DeltaAngle 1001a 2428959.920 7193482.600 2428182.460 7193057.450 0.00000000 1001a 2428182.460 7193057.450 2427917.278 7192760.299 0.00000000 1001a 2427917.278 7192760.299 2427623.615 7192534.419 -21.37387222 1001a 2427623.615 7192534.419 2423390.960 7190388.940 0.00000000   B     XY to line not a problem - how… (Show more)
in Canadian GIS Professionals
Hi, I want to change the attribute field order in a feature class. I am able to add and delete fields fine, but I cant seam to permanently change the display order in the table. I have tried in several different ways ( arcCatelog, Desktop). Thanks, Marcella
in Canadian GIS Professionals