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Hi guys,   I have a 32bits (values 0-293) 1km-resolution raster showing the distribution of a species across North America. For display purpose, I need to rescale this file to an integer 0-255 scale, apply a colour ramp to it, and get a final tiff image that one can open in an image viewer and see the same thing. I thought it would be quite… (Show more)
I want to create a tourist map of one part of the city. On the map should be displayed especially monuments with some cartoon style or something similar (for example if that is a church than should be a 3D icon of that church).  In attachment I have an example of that what I need. Is there any way to do this in ArcGIS and if it is possible than… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
All of my feature class layers are in the same coordinate system as my dataframe. I have added the Imagery Basemap layer provided by ESRI. Everything loads fine when not rotated, when I rotate the datframe the imagery loads, and the refresh icon (Earth) never stops spinning and my feature class layers never draw. I can leave it like this for hours… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
We have two different styles and want to make a comparison difference.We are in a process to update our styles. I have opened the style by converting into access(.mdb) extension and trying to make a comparison.we need symbol(picture) with name & description in excel.Any suggestion?
in Cartography and Maps
I'm using dynamic text on a layout and need it to fit in a certain space.  So I added the text box to fit that space.  Problem is some owners are 2 words and some are many many more.  The text box will just drop whatever doesn't fit inside the box, which I don't want to happen.  Was thinking that maybe there was a simple fix like with the legend… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
I am trying to see the print preview of a map layout using data driven pages in ArcGIS Desktop 10.4.1. I have used Grid Index features and when I try to see the print preview, for first page it shows the preview correctly but when I click on Next and see the preview, it is displayed as given below. When I click on Previous, Next or Last after… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
Without editing, converting, creating more data or using colour fill is it possible to display the boundaries of adjacent polygons with different coloured lines based on an attribute by using a display offset or something like that i.e. If colour fill was to be used:   The target condition although was done using graphics and fudging: Seems… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
12/5/2016:  Added extensively to the Regularize Building Footprint tool suggestions. 12/8/2016: Changed 1200 to 12000 in the Regularize Building Footprint tool suggestions. 12/21/2016:  Added Clean Extracted Buildings Using Regularize Building Footprint Tool 12/22/2016:  Corrected error in models for Clean Extracted Buildings Using Regularize… (Show more)
Using ArcGIS Maps for Office, is there a limit of only one map per slide? I tried to work around this by copy/pasting a map from another slide, did not work. Is this a limitation by design? thanks!
in Cartography and Maps
Hello, I'm a new user and am wondering if ArcGIS can do the following:   I need to create a highly detailed topo of a small residential property and create viewshadows from 6 different viewpoints with the goal being to see which areas on the property can not be seen from the 6 viewpoints. The property is in a highly regulated coastal area where… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
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