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Hey,    I am trying to create a dynamic text box as a map label, and it needs to show the <last year> - <current year>, so the text today should look like 2016-2017.   I have found this below snippet is correct in displaying 2017, but I am unable to work out how to manipulate the below code to subtract 1 from the figure of 2017, in order to… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
Bivariate legends are something that ESRI doesn't do very well.  So since we wanted to generate bivariate legends we had to get a little creative.  Using some creative ModelBuilder tools you can create a bivariate legend within your map fairly simply using this model: Basically using the Fishnet tool you can create your two dimensional grid in a… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
Want to set up ArcMap to draw all smaller polygons in a feature on top of larger polygons within the same feature.    Someone asked about this on GIS Stack Exchange and it was marked as answered yet it was not really answered; ArcGIS - possible to set the drawing order of polygon features - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange  (While… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
I am intending to download ESRI Bump Map Tools from the provided link referred below;    But, didn't found any working link from where I can download these tools. I will be highly appreciable if anybody could let me know the download link and… (Show more)
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Is there any way to tell the contour annotation tool to generate more / denser labels?   The "ladder" option seems to do nothing discernible.   When I use the tool to create contour annotation, the labels are very sparse. I'd rather have it generate 10x too many and delete the extras than have a page of contours with 1 or 2 labels.
in Cartography and Maps
Is there a way to create symbology based on fields in related tables? Thanks so much.
in Cartography and Maps
I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this so forgive me if it is not.  The standard font for US Interstates in my installation of ArcMap is corrupt or missing as you can see by my attached image.  Can someone tell me the name of the font so I can locate it and fix the issue.  I can't seem to find the font name.    Thanks, George Hilton… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
I want to make a chloropleth map of US counties. 1) Can you make chloropleth maps using ARCgis Online, or only in the desktop version? 2) Can you put other layers (e.g. railroads & waterways) on top of the chloropleth layer?
in Cartography and Maps
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