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Can anyone make any suggestions for study materials useful for taking the GISP exam?
in Esri Certified Individuals
I'm trying to label a field "MaxGrantee" that has some rather long named entries that are going outside of their polygon and overlapping other labels.  I have read other posts and have found this expression:  left([MaxGrantee] ,InStr(20, [MaxGrantee] ," ")) & vbnewline & right( [MaxGrantee] ,len( [MaxGrantee] )-(InStr(20, [MaxGrantee] ," "))) But… (Show more)
in Esri Certified Individuals
Hi,   I am trying to attach an excel sheet to one of my shapefiles but I am unable to because the fields in the attribute table of my shapefile are string instead of numeric. I followed the instructions on this how to page (How To: Convert a string field to a number field) by creating a new double field but I still was unable to properly join my… (Show more)
in Esri Certified Individuals