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CityEngine and Unity

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Hello    I'm working on a simple task where I need to split a start shape in CityEngine. The goal is to create an Oshape where the shape is divided into four separate areas like the picture below. Further is it necessary that I trough the use of split.index can access each area and later can assign a new rule to a specific area. I know it would… (Show more)
in CityEngine and Unity
Dear Friends,   I would like to integrate my Land Parcels/ Plots data (I have as .gdb and ArcSDE Oracle), with Layout Plans (Created in .DWG- AutoCAD.). I would like to create an Web based GIS / Mobile application. In which I want to have below funtionalities: 1> Display plots data - Which can be done using ESRI's JavaScript API. 2> Now the… (Show more)
in CityEngine and Unity