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Hello    I'm working on a simple task where I need to split a start shape in CityEngine. The goal is to create an Oshape where the shape is divided into four separate areas like the picture below. Further is it necessary that I trough the use of split.index can access each area and later can assign a new rule to a specific area. I know it would… (Show more)
in CityEngine and Unity
Dear Friends,   I would like to integrate my Land Parcels/ Plots data (I have as .gdb and ArcSDE Oracle), with Layout Plans (Created in .DWG- AutoCAD.). I would like to create an Web based GIS / Mobile application. In which I want to have below funtionalities: 1> Display plots data - Which can be done using ESRI's JavaScript API. 2> Now the… (Show more)
in CityEngine and Unity
I'm asking on behalf of my studio,   Some students would like to model waterfalls and other various moving objects into our final WebScenes. As an option, some people brought up the idea of using GIFs since there doesn't seem to be the capability of modeling water along a vertical polygon that gives it a waterfall "effect".    If that is not… (Show more)
in CityEngine and Unity
Our friends at vrbn are organizing the first European CityEngine User Meeting in Copenhagen on March 30.Don't miss it: