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I have a point feature class with related table saved in AGOL that has historic surveyed values with a date field. I've been configuring the pop-up to show the numeric values in related table as a line chart media, and faced with two issues.  Date Field cannot be configured to ascending/descending order when designing the chart. Is there a way… (Show more)
I was trying to format the identify.js to allow url links for corresponding fields value. as shown in the following code. But it seems it didn't get executed. the alter doesn't even show up. The popup window still shows the label and field value but no link.  Any idea why it is so? Thank you so much for your help! fieldInfos: [{ fieldName:… (Show more)
Hi,   I am trying to figure out the relationship between operational layer in search configue and operational layer in Viewer.js. For example, if I define a new url in search configue, the operational layer in viewer.js will be overwritten?   Thanks,
anybody knows that which part (variable) of the search.js grab the featurelayer url (from the operational layer url in viewer.js) to only present the feauture based on search result instead of redrawing the feature layer?
For the items in the Search.html, e.g. the 2 listed below:                 <label data-dojo-attach-point="labelSearchTerm0"> </label>                 <input type="text" style="width:100%;" data-dojo-type="dijit/form/TextBox" data-dojo-attach-point="inputSearchTerm0" data-dojo-props="trim:true,disabled:true" /> I want to dynamically re-set their… (Show more)