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In the CMV app, I want to exclude some operational layers from the MapService, so these excluded layers will not display on the TOC.  How can it be done in the viewer.js?  Thanks.
I need some advice and direction from the ESRI community. We have made use of the CMV Viewer for a project that we are involved in:     Each point refers to the landowners letter and map indicating the irrigated and non irrigated fields on a land parcel (farm portion)    The output map is currently generated from a python script, accessing the… (Show more)
How to customize the Print tool w/ Time Stamp at the bottom of the generated PDF?  If it can't be done dynamically, can the Print tool in the Utilities be customized?  Thanks.
I want add some additional sheet sizes (e.g. ARCH C, ARCH D, ARCH E, ARCH F).  Refer to , I can figure out the sizes and added the items into printPlus.Widget.js.  Now, I also want to add these into printWidget, but I could not figure out how.  If you know, please share… (Show more)
In the Search widget, the Select Layer label and the dropdownlist are not needed for 'By Shape' option.  What's the proper way to hide it in 'By Shape' and display it again in 'By Attributes'?  From search.js, I could not figure out the even for the tab click event.  Can someone help for this issue?  Thanks.
In the viewer.js, operationalLayers: [ ... ], I defined an operation layer that contains several dozens of sub-layers.  To hide some of unwanted sub-layers, I coded as below:             legendLayerInfos: {                 layerInfo: {                     hideLayers: [0, 1, 7, 8, 75, 76]       }             } However, these sub-layers still… (Show more)
Hello, I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to create a summary statistics widget which will allow the user to choose a layer, add it to the map and then have statistics calculated for the selected layer's features in the current extent. My layer is actually one feature service but I want to be able to select the field for the statistics, which… (Show more)
I am having trouble with the attribute table.

At first I thought it was a query parameter issue because this is where it showed itself. After more digging it appears anytime two topic.publish calls are made back to back only the first is executed.

To test i have the two statements:

topic.publish('attributesContainer/removeTable', 'Table1');
topic.publish('attributesContainer/removeTable', 'Table2');

Only "Table1" is removed.

if I reverse these statements only "Table2" is removed.

Am I missing a commit or something I overlooked in the documentation?
Tim McGee Using Server 10.3.1 with web tier authentication and Windows Authentication. SSL installed.  Using the latest CMV app.   I'm trying to implement the cmv app using the above authentication method.  I have 2 web adaptors installed: 1 with anonymous authentication, 1 with windows authentication.  When I use all services through the web… (Show more)
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