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While fine-tuning a technical workshop for next week, my co-presenter and I realized that our comment of "don't forget these knowledge base articles!" (see terminology note below) wasn't very helpful. You used to be able to go to and type in a knowledge base/technical article number like 23025. That would bring up "FAQ:… (Show more)
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Hi all,   I have received an hardrive from a geophysical survey with the following data:   MBES- DTM : Density xyz   xyz file                        DTM xyz        xyz file                        Slope xyg       xyz file   MAG : text file SSS:   Mosaic: .tif and .twf file            Raw data: xtf data   SBP:  .sgy files   I do not know… (Show more)
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I'm currently creating a spatial database using Oracle Spatial and it lists both EPSG 4170 and EPSG 4674 as SIRGAS for SDO_GEOMETRY type. The problem is when I try to transform from WGS 84 (EPSG 4326) to SIRGAS. If my table is defined as EPSG 4674, I get an error about different dimensions. If my table is defined as EPSG 4170, the transformation… (Show more)
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I am working in a State Plane/NAD83 projection.   I am adding a WMTS service that is is WGS 1984 on someone else's set.   When the transformation window came up, I chose WGS 1984 to NAS 1983 V.   But now I am realizing that I should have said none and let it project on the fly.     So I close ArcMap, remove the connection file from the ArcCatalog… (Show more)
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I want to make an accurate map of the location of some plants in a garden. Is there some system for surveying features that are really close together? I wanted to add each plant to a table and track their growth/spread/decline over time. I can't really use GPS they just show up as a big mass of points.   Thanks
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Looking for more information about the optional install of coordinate systems. The What's new document for Desktop 10.5 document says this: ArcGIS Coordinate Systems Data—Contains the data files required for the GEOCON transformation method and vertical transformation files for the United States (VERTCON and GEOID12B) and the world (EGM2008).… (Show more)
Hello everybody. I am having some trouble on something i work for and i would like some help. I downloaded a Geotiff file for the area that i am working for and i would like to clip it so it fits the outline of my map. My map is on GreekGrid and so i set the geotiff file on GreekGrid from ArcCatalog. Next i used the Project tool from arc toolbox… (Show more)
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This timelapse video shows Galileo satellites 15–18, from final preparations to liftoff on a Ariane 5 launcher, flight VA233, from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, on 17 November 2016, accelerating deployment of the new satellite navigation system. Galileo is the Europe’s own global satellite navigation system. The full system of 24 satellites…
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Hallo, I have a file with locationas and i want to import that in arcgis for desktop 10.3.1. the location are in this format:    -64.9734423 46.8886667 0, -64.975073 46.9527568 0, What format is this? and what coordinate system do i need to use if i import this true create feature class true xy table.   Thank you
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I have a table of almost 700,000 records that I would like to plot as points. There is an X field and Y field stored as lat/long (e.g. 40.04746, -75.233316). However, all of my other data is in NAD 1983 State Plane Pennsylvania South FIPS 3702 Feet. I cannot get the table to plot correctly over my existing data. In fact, it plots somewhere in… (Show more)
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