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Coordinate Reference Systems

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I have been working with adding in a scale factor parameter but am not able to figure out how to scale about the origin.  Our survey standards require us to scale our data from 0,0.  I need to create a projection that will reduce CAD data from ground back to grid, scaling about 0,0 of the grid.
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Hi python snippets arcgis map clip_analysis tool is not working properly for Annotation layer provided the output in another projection system. Anyone else encountered this.   To recreate the issue:   Open python window   set outcoordinatesystem set to another. Try out clip_analysis for annotation layer. The output is not as expected. The… (Show more)
Hi All,   I am struggling with something related to coordinates;   I have been given some coordinates for a cable: they are in excel but I had to modify a bit it as it was with blanks rows and things like that.   the original format of each cell is : latitude: N32 28.5701 longitude : E034 53.1880   so in order to import all the coordinates… (Show more)
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I have an excel spreadsheet for office 2010 and i have version 10.2 of ArcMap. I have tried several file extensions as a 97-2003 excel file and csv. I can display the lat / long but the data is not aligning correctly with my other data. I clicked on the dbf and tried to create a feature class from x/y table. The x and y fields were empty. I went… (Show more)
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Hi   I’m having an issue with trying to transform the coordinates of a point shapefile plotted in Madrid 1870 geographic coordinate system (WKID: 4903) to European Datum 1950 (WKID: 4230). When I put the shapefile into the project tool and select ED50 as the output coordinate system, it does not give me any options to transform the coordinate… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Hi,   I need to use a Albers Conic Projection in my files, but in ArcGIS I only found this type of projection associated with a South American 69 (SAD69) datum (Projected Coordinate System --> Continental --> South America --> South_America_Albers_Equal_Area_Conic). Is there an ArcGIS .prj file with Albers Conic Projection and SIRGAS2000? How can… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
What epoch does ArcMap 10.4 reference when you choose GCS_WGS_1984 as the datum? Is it the current epoch of 2005.0 equivalent with ITRF08, or the previous epoch of 1997.0 equivalent with ITRF00?   I am finding that much of the reference material online is outdated as it lists the current realization of WGS84 to be equivalent to ITRF00, Epoch… (Show more)
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Does anyone know where I can find the equation to put into Excel that will convert CT State Plane coordinates to Lat/Lon?  I know ways to programmatically do this using ArcGIS but have a scenario/workflow where we may need to do this from within Excel.  Thanks!
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Hello all, I've got a real head scratcher. I've received a pdf of a CAD drawing in Southern Africa. I don't have access to the CAD files themselves, just the .pdf. As it has a reference grid I though I'd georeference it. However, although the coordinates look similar to UTM coords they are both negative and the X is labelled Y (and Y labelled X).… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
I realize there are already many questions and answers out there related to this issue.  However, I continue having a difficult time pinpointing exactly which transformations I should use.    Essentially, I have GPS data that was post processed against the local CORS stations in Pathfinder Office using the reference position from base provider… (Show more)
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