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Coordinate Reference Systems

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Hello everybody,   I'm doing the conversion from Raster with tiff format (with GDM_2000_MRSO Spatial reference) to polygon shapefile. I want to set the new shapefile with WGS84 for spatial reference. The problem is, the new shapefile with WGS84 not match with imagery basemap (esri basemap) or others basemap with spatial reference wgs84.   can… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Hello,   I am using ArcMap 10.4.1.   I need to import a coordinate.  I have ArcMap coordinates set to geographic->World->WGS 1984 (I assume this coordinate system is a true Geographic 3D type that is not projected).  The coordinate that I am importing is in latitude-longitude format.  Do I have to adjust any settings to tell ArcMap that the… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
I am embarking on a new project that is located in Finland and the data in the project folder are projected in Finnish KKJ_Zone 4 [EPSG2394]. The Arc dropdown box lists two projections for Finland under Projected Coordinate Systems/National Grids: KKJ Finland Zone 0 and KKJ Finland Zone 5 (but no Zone 4). Is there a simple way to add KKJ Finland… (Show more)
I have few thousand rasters in AK zone 4 state plane on NAD83 and in UTM5/6  on GRS 80 that I am trying to mosaic into Web Mercator. Arc is reporting that I need a transformation but I do not see an esri transformation for it. I understand that the ellipsoids are almost the same. NOAA/NOS's VDatum: A tutorial on datums    What is the… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
I have been working with adding in a scale factor parameter but am not able to figure out how to scale about the origin.  Our survey standards require us to scale our data from 0,0.  I need to create a projection that will reduce CAD data from ground back to grid, scaling about 0,0 of the grid.
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Hello,   I am using Arc Map 10.3.  When I change coordinate systems by selecting Data Management Tools->Projections and Transformations->Project-> fill-out dialogs for XY and Z coordinate to change from State Plane Nad83 Us Feet, NAVD88 to a Geographic WGS84, WGS Ellipsoid; I believe ArcMap is performing both a transformation to a different… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
I saw a map on website and I want to create the same map for learning purpose only as I am trying to learn the software. Can this happen with the Projection Van der Grinton I. I have tried this but failed to add the repeated area of Russia and Alaska. World map Van der Grinton
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Hello,   I am using ArcMap 10.3.   I understand how to determine a lat-long coordinate by use of a sextant to get latitude and a clock to determine longitude.  However, I am trying to understand how the  GRS 80 ellipsoid plays into this to create a proper Geographic Coordinate.  It sounds like the  GRS 80 ellipsoid is used to simplify the… (Show more)
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