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Coordinate Reference Systems

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I'm calculating the centroids for a polygon (the city of Morelia in Mexico), but the coordinates that I'm getting are not inside the polygon and are way off from where the polygon is. What could be happening? Are the coordinates from the centroid given in a different forma? (The ones I'm getting are x= 2575360 and y=852065.8)   I used Stata to… (Show more)
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A customer had some questions on why Esri has "null" or "bookkeeping" transformations as well as why there are transformations which have the same parameter values, but convert between multiple geographic coordinate systems. Here's what I wrote off the top of my head.     WGS84 is actually not accessible to normal consumers because it’s a… (Show more)
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Hi, i have an ECW raster that have no spatial reference. when i try to use the tool "defined projection" to define it i get an errors num. 001143 . thanks for any help.      
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I have been given a spreadsheet containing Degrees Minutes Seconds coordinates in the format 'DD MM SSS' (including the spaces). I've used the DMS - DD formula ‘DD = (Seconds/3600) + (Minutes/60) + Degrees' to convert the DMS values to DD. I have also used the Convert Coordinate Notation tool in ArcMap. Both methods agree that my DMS of 53° 47’… (Show more)
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Hi everyone! 
I'm using ArcGis 10.3 and I have a problem with the georeferencing system. I want to georeference air photos (.tif) so that I can use them.
I add control points that the photo is on the right position, but when I want to rectify it there is always an error with the information "failed to save raster dataset". 
I don't know how to get this fixed. Has anyone an idea?

    I am using Desktop Basic 10.1 and 10.3 to prepare data.  The shapefiles and tifs that result are sent to a client for import to his proprietary spatial database.  All of the products I produce are built to a selected projection for each study area.   The open source software that consumes these products requires an SRID.  I have searched online… (Show more)
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    Hi all,   I am writing to ask some help/clarifications about data frame, coordinates and projections. I do not use GIS very often and I have a big gap in cartography. I use ArcMap 10.2 Desktop someone sent me a layers package. I imported the layers into a new empty document. The data frame now gets the layer's proj. coordinate system and… (Show more)
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    Because I am not GIS expert, so may be my question a quite basic question in GIS. I am working on Texas area (The whole state) but when I want to use TIN it says it's recommended to use projected coordinate. When I come to find the block or unit of the area using UTM, I found there are three blocks cover the whole state (13, 14, and 15). My… (Show more)
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    Is there a NTv2 grid shift file or ESRI transformation to go from NAD83 - CSRS v3 2010 Epoch to NAD83-Original? I am trying to project my files from NAD83 - CSRS v3 2010 Epoch to NAD83 UTM 17N.   Cheers,   Richard
    in Coordinate Reference Systems
    I may be overlooking something, but the Alaska geographic transformations do not seem to be working in ArcGIS 10.4.   In going from NAD27 to NAD83, I'm using the transformation:   NAD_27_To_NAD_1983_Alaska   When I open an mxd project in ArcGIS 10.2, the NAD27 polygons are projected on the fly correctly to their corresponding NAD83 positions.… (Show more)
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