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Hey there,   I'm trying to change the projection using the project raster tool.  It changes the colour scheme of the entire image. Is that supposed to occur? I attached the two results. The colourful one is the initial image.
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Hello, I'm a bit new to GIS and am having a bit of an issue I have a .csv that i have converted into a feature class- the feature class displays correctly(it is a map of all robberies in Detroit in a given  year).   I also have a .shp that is all of the locations of the lights in the same city- it also displays correctly, but in a completely… (Show more)
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I have this coordinate used on my map system, but I need to use it also on google maps, any idea how to convert ??

even i set HK80 coordinate system in layout, the pdf exported can shown wgs84 only on Acrobat Reader XI, how can i display HK80 grid coordinate on exported pdf map.
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I have a GPS data that the longitude and latitude was entered incorrectly. Is there a tool in ArcMap to correct this into the correct position to match up with the rest of the data. 
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I am wondering about WGS84 as we move through time.   My understanding is that any given spot on the earth's surface latitude and longitude will change over time in this system. There are two sources of change:   1) NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) will periodically shift the center of the WGS84 ellipsoid to better align with their… (Show more)
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While fine-tuning a technical workshop for next week, my co-presenter and I realized that our comment of "don't forget these knowledge base articles!" (see terminology note below) wasn't very helpful. You used to be able to go to and type in a knowledge base/technical article number like 23025. That would bring up "FAQ:… (Show more)
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