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Are there plans to give Apps and Maps their own page in opendata similar to what datasets have?
in ArcGIS Open Data community
I have big honkin' notes in my Site Manager that say something a lot like:   "Heads up! We have released ArcGIS Open Data 2.0 and are no longer actively developing the older version, 1.10. You are seeing this message because this is a 1.10 site. You will still be able to edit 1.10 sites, but no new features will be added and not all bugs will be… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Don't miss the live #GeoChat today on opendata with Jim Young and Geoawesomeness on Twitter #geochat! 
Hi every one     Yesterday we were showing to our client their opendata site. This site is hosted on the old version of open data. After 12 pm Puerto Rico time (8 am, California), we notice that we wheren't  able to log in again to their open data site through ArcGIS Open Data Administration , it stay loading the site.  We thought it was because… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Hi all,   I am looking for an efficient way to digitize hand-drawn range maps (I have about 200 of them). They are all drawn on the same basemap--a polygon of my state. I thought I could possibly scan them all, save as tifs, and georeference them using a polygon shapefile of the state. If anyone knows of a quicker, better alternative please let… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
I am using the Wizard to set up my open data site.  I have been asked to add some new widgets to the site.  When I do so my bottom row of widgets suddenly appear at the top of the webpage on top of my text.  When I remove the new widgets everything works fine again, but as soon as I try adding them back in I get the same results - the bottom row… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Hi! I am trying to use ArcMap 10.4 scatterplot matrix to show the correlation between tornado strength and elevation. I have a 10m DEM (32-bit floating point) for the state, along with survey points. I'm having trouble converting the DEM raster values to point values, in order to graph them on the scatterplot. When I use Spatial Analyst's "Extract… (Show more)
Currently with ArcGIS's open data website you are able to publish data and download data with local projections. For our site, this feature is "kind of" working. I say this because the data being uploaded to ArcGIS for server is in one local projection (NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Florida_East_FIPS_0901_Feet) and when downloaded from our  ArcGIS open… (Show more)
I have published a open map service to AGO and have shared it appropriately with everyone and needed groups. This service fails to be published on our Open Data site. I was successfully able to add new layers to our Open Data site last week but not sure what is going on today. I am also not seeing this layer on the Open Data admin site. Is any… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
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