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Hi, At the ESRI UC 2017, at a workshop on Open Data, Courtney Claessens mentioned that there is an 'Open Data Policy' template available. Does anybody know where to find that resource? Great workshops by the way--I'm very excited to get our City moving into Open Data--   Zak--
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So to make our Open Data Portal (an ArcGIS Open Data site) more useful for our users, we've also made half a dozen regional open data groups accessible on our site (through the Open Data groups manager). This is great, except that all of those regional data sets that we don't own are also published out on the data.json feed. That makes it… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Hello,   I'm in the process of migrating my organization's Open Data site to version 2.0 but am running into an issue I can't resolve. When I add a Gallery from the Layout Builder and link it to a group containing my organization's public applications, I don't see the application thumbnails (or any icons for that matter) display in the gallery… (Show more)
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Can we create open data site using ArcGIS Server for India within India cloud data centers for Indian customers? if so, please suggest the path to build this.     Please suggest alternative options.     Regards Venkata
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Using Collector, is there a way to filter changed data in the field?  What I'm after is having a Project (shown as a colored polyline in or along a project area ... example would be grading of a certain section of road) remain visible until the project is complete.  Once completed, technician will initial and enter the date.  Once date is entered,… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Polygon layer for "Natural regions of the world" Hello I am looking for a layer that contains the polygons that represents the "Natural regions of the world" similar to the attached image. Someone knows where I can find the geographic data. Thank you
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Just to make people aware. Not sure even where this is from but obviously generated from non-english speakers. Found it while doing a search for the newest ArcGIS 10.5 patches... 
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Hi!   This is the description of what happens with my Open Data Site:   1. I created a Open Data Site with an ArcGIS Online account (AGOL1) with the lastest version of open data. 2. Later, the AGOL1 information was copy to a new ArcGIS Online account (AGOL2), including the Open Data app. 3. AGOL2 had to keep de URL of AGOL1, in order to do this,… (Show more)
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I'm almost done rolling out our Open Data 2.0 site but see where the dataset details page show incorrect links under the "Found in" section. (See screencap attachment). Essentially the tags/links under "found in" are all wrong except for the last one- (Monterey County Open Data- Copy). The first 5 sites are all completely random, have no relation… (Show more)
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Unable to fill dropped line from SLC error on Landsat 7 imagery.  Dropped lines turn to solid white color but do not fill in. Any suggestions?
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