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What are all of the non-ESRI mapping systems that Drone2Maps can integrate with? I've read articles that DroneDeploy and Site Scan can be integrated. I'm looking to see if I can be the hub for all processing using Drone2Maps even though members of our statewide Air Coordination Group use a variety of UAS mapping apps.
Is there a way to combine an RGB image with a thermal image (two different cameras) to create a mosaic that can then have an NDVI analysis run?  I am looking to get a drone that can carry two separate cameras, one RGB and one thermal, and want to know if combining these two sets of images will work.
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hi,   is there a way to install Drone2Map completely offline and then point it to an on-premise portal for the licensing? Currently when I open the software with no internet connection I get the following error:     Is there a way to point Drone2Map to the portal in the config before opening it so that it doesn't try to look at ArcGIS Online… (Show more)
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I am new to Drone2Map and have it on trial. I currently use Drone Deploy for all my processing. However I use other ESRI products so makes sense to see if Drone2Map could replace DD. I have had some early problems not least with not being to open the software. I have processed a number of jobs and generally they are all OK although I do note that… (Show more)
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i want to test the new drone2map software but don't want to break the bank buying a drone.  Any suggestions?  Looking in the $400-$1000 range.
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Can I import Pix4D (*.P4D) files, or parts of the process (PointCloud, mesh) into Drone2Map ?
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hi—Have downloaded trial Drone2Map, and while trying out a few of the samples, once I click Start to process a sample, following the steps provided, the bottom status bar appears to be processing for a few seconds, and then it returns to "Ready   Completed.", showing 100% in the status bar, but no 2D Products and no 3D Products are added to the… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
I am attempting to create orthomosaic files created from tiles.  I have 30 tiles to merge with some missing.
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