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Hi there, I've been repedetly getting this error during 3D mesh construction:   2017-04-12 10:25:54,021 INFO  - {"exit":{"code":"1","errorMessage":">>>Poisson Surface Reconstruction<<< failed with error (bad allocation)!"},"status":{"currentStep":"dense","detailedMessage":"Poisson Surface Reconstruction","overallProgress":"40","substep":"Dense… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Putting this out to the community to see if there are any tips or tricks for processing large datasets   We are processing 11GB of  imagery using a dual core i7 laptop with hyperthreading but can’t get it to process the imagery with more than (the equivalent of) 1 core (25%).   We and have configured the processing options > resources to the… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
I was wondering if folks have use Drone2Map or any drone application for that matter, in local government? How would you justify ROI in the use of drone in Cities and Counties? What departments are most likely to be benefited from an investment in drones and related software. 
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Suggestions?   I have uninstalled and reinstalled both C++ and the Drone2Map 1.01 version several times without success   Using the ESRI supplied imagery sample >> Launch Drone2Map >> Create new 2D Project. Add the folder that contains the images..     Press OK   And NOTHING shows up:   following this sample as well:   Create 3D data… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
I'm trying to create a 3 d model from a set of  155 images. It is a small construction project. The result is very bad. The resolution is bad and there are a lot of distortions in the 3d model. I attach few screen shots. You can see the flight path, sample photos and sample screen shots of the final 3d model. Can you observe what might be the… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Okay, so I have dual xeon processors quad core 2.7Ghz per thread. I have a Asus Nvidia GTX 1070 and I am trying to process 71 images about 350MB total. Look at this...   The graphics card reports 0 use. Is there a way to make Drone2Map utilize the graphics card? Windows 7 pro   Thanks! James
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hi there I just created a 60 days trial account (Organization) so that I could test Drone2Map. I checkhed the "go offline" choice and followed the wizard, but after that I'm only getting the following alert/failure: I cannot recall the license on my own "online organization" account as i says "a problem with the user accured" ...but the user… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
When specifying a project location, D2M should notify users that UNC paths are not supported and they should use a mapped drive letter.  Currently, D2M just crashes after beginning to run, requiring the user to start over again.  No question really, other than why would it be programmed that way?
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Is there any way to convert Z data of images prior to processing? My camera (DJI X5) only captures the data in meters which in turn Drone2Map views as feet. Everything I do in ArcGIS is in feet, typically State Plane. I suppose this is a silly question, but all of the products D2M creates are unusable to me as far as real life elevation data is… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
i want to test the new drone2map software but don't want to break the bank buying a drone.  Any suggestions?  Looking in the $400-$1000 range.
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
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