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Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs

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We are looking at getting a fleet of UAVs for various projects within our division and are running into some confusion.  Are there any requirements beyond being able to take HQ images or video required for being able to import data from the UAV to Drone2Map?  We've asked several people--both within Esri and third party--and have received various… (Show more)
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs
We have some money to purchase a UAV (quad-copter) for use in a field mapping course and student projects in our department.  I'm not familiar with all of their capabilities, but I'd like something that has GPS, easy ArcGIS integration and the ability to capture multi-spectral (visible, IR and perhaps thermal imagery) via a camera or one that can… (Show more)
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs
Aloha everyone. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get good quality Metadata from my DJI Inspire 1 in order to use videos in the updated FMV add-on.  I've found the .SRT file but it doesn't seem to have nearly as much "info/Data" as I had hoped, given what appears to have been captured when reviewing the flights on the DJI-GO app.    When I… (Show more)
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs
I use pictures from the example Large Buildings \ images \ I get an error on the screenshot
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs