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I am trying to build a 3D model of a part of the city, some five blocks or so. I am using CityEngine. To do this, I need  LiDAR imagery to use for building footprints and to calculate building heights.
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I'm trying to incorporate breaklines along canals and unlined rivers so that the elevation between the breaklines is filled based on the breaklines. I've tried to follow the concept that ESRI describes within the following help article:  Incorporate breaklines with LiDAR. The article doesn't explain in detail the requirements of the feature class… (Show more)
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New Esri Insider blog post on today's announcement of new release of high-resolution Alaska DEMs as first deliverable of ArcticDEM project. Great story maps too!
I am interested in using the ESRI Elevation Layers (Terrain) more specifically. I can extract out (clip/mask) this raster by polygon iteratively for further analysis - which is fantastic. I would like to track which resolution I am extracting (ie Product Name). Is this possible?   -Bob
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{font:style=font-size: 14pt; font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif; color: #000000;}*Vector Tiles and Elevation in the Living Atlas*{font}… (Show more)
Vector Tiles and Elevation in the Living Atlas Please join us August 4th for a free webinar to learn about how vector tiles and elevation data are included in the Living Atlas. Andrew Green and Wesley Jones from Esri’s ArcGIS Content Team will describe the new vector tile layer basemaps, which include community contributed content. They will also… (Show more)
This blog will be dedicated to feature extraction from raster or point clouds to vector.    I have been generating content for the World Topo Map Basemaps including the Contours, Spot Elevations, Vegetation and even buildings from Lidar.   Lately, I have been focused on extracting buildings and trees from Lidar and/or imagery.    I wrote a tool to… (Show more)
I need to join land slope with a forested ownership shapefile to determine forest residuals based on slope.  I have been trying to use the ArcGIS Online "Terrain: Slope in Degrees" raster all day, and can't get anywhere.  I've tried to convert the raster values to points, Zonal Statistics, and clip, all setting the bounding polygon in the… (Show more)
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