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I am trying to use the Ground Surface Elevation 30m (href=" data to do some local processing. I wanted to extract an area and then work with it. But no matter what I do the raster calculator fails with nothing in the output raster. I have checked my environments, I am using a mask, projections are all… (Show more)
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Hello everybody!   I'm making a map based on raster images that shows the highest points within certain areas. I've done Zonal Statistics and found the correct pixels but, they're teenie tiny, and I was curious if there was a trick with Symbology or pixel sizing that would make them more noticeable.   Thanks!  
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I am currently working on a small project which entails creating some flood senarios using newly current lidar data. However I have an issue with lidar data. The Lidar data which we have received contains reflections on the water surface so called specular reflections ( see attatchment beneath) which cause the water surface to have elevations… (Show more)
Hi all,   I'm exporting data (using Creating LiDAR-Based Heightmaps in Unity 3D (Using ArcGIS) - YouTube ) for guidance.   I've imported in LAS data as a LAS dataset, then am using some of the filtered ground points and the tools "LAS Dataset to Raster" (found through the search feature in the right pane) to rasterize filtered ground points and… (Show more)
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I am trying to build a 3D model of a part of the city, some five blocks or so. I am using CityEngine. To do this, I need  LiDAR imagery to use for building footprints and to calculate building heights.
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I'm trying to incorporate breaklines along canals and unlined rivers so that the elevation between the breaklines is filled based on the breaklines. I've tried to follow the concept that ESRI describes within the following help article:  Incorporate breaklines with LiDAR. The article doesn't explain in detail the requirements of the feature class… (Show more)
in Elevation Data
New Esri Insider blog post on today's announcement of new release of high-resolution Alaska DEMs as first deliverable of ArcticDEM project. Great story maps too!