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I am using the Rapid Graphic tool in Defense Mapping to generate an output. I am using the TM50 Index grids in Defense Mapping for an AOI. However, these grids are too small. My Map is going to be about 5 sheets. One sheet contains roughly 5/6 TM50 Index sheets. I selected multiple TM50 sheets and ran the Rapid Graphic tool. This worked, however it generated an MXD for each sheet. I need all sheets within one MXD. Is there a way to use Rapid Graphic to generate one sheet/mxd which is actually 5/6 TM50 sheets? Or should I use the MXD template and simply add my data and set the reference scale accordingly? Thanks a lot 

Another (Hopefully quick) question. 

I am trying to run the Create Rapid Graphic tool.

I am aware the files within Defense Mapping Reference Data have to be unzipped. For some reason, I am unable to do so. I first tried to unzip regularly and received the error:    "Compressed (zipped) Folders was unable to create the specific directory. Ensure that the directory does not already exist, and the path entered is valid." I then copied the zipped files to a Temp folder. There, I was able to unzip the folders. I then copied the unzipped folders back into the "Reference Data" folder. I ran the tool, but again received the error that the folders had to be unzipped. Any suggestions? 
Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.4.1 Patch 5 (Desktop | Server) now available @ Esri Support 10.4 (10.4.1) 
Hello Everyone, 

I am generating a MIM using the TDS data model. 

I currently have all the data, but it is not in TDS model. It is currently set in the model my organization uses. 

In our model we do have a feature code/portrayal code/DFDD populated which adheres to TDS. I was hoping to use these in the migration to TDS. 

Does ESRI have a tool which can be used to migrate the Data into TDS? I am using defense mapping but it appears all it has is Exporting/Importing Metadata for MGCP data models. 

Or, does anyone know where to find an empty "Shell" for the TDS data model? I could import the data into this shell. 

Any help is very much appreciated!!