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Esri Education Licensing Program

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Hi All,   Our annual educational site license for our consortium agreement (~3000 user seats) is renewing, and I'm faced with the task of re-issuing several hundred single-use license provisioning files for users across several institutions. Is there a way to automate this, or batch create them and send them out to a list of e-mail addresses?… (Show more)
My apology if we are not supposed to post a question in >1 community.  I have posted this question to the "ArcGIS Online" community, and was advised to consult with this community.     I work in a small college that has an ArcGIS Online organizational account.  I tried to promote the practice that contents created for a course shared with a… (Show more)
Need an overview of Esri resources for students and educators?  Check this out.   If we missed one of your favorites, let us know and we'll post an updated version.   higher education university 
This webinar will outline strategies you can use to manage your institution’s ArcGIS Online organization efficiently, without writing custom scripts. GEO Jobe’s Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online empower administrators at higher education institutions to manage large numbers of users, credits, and licenses quickly and easily. You will learn how to… (Show more)
We've heard from some higher education faculty members that they've had trouble convincing their administrations to enable Single Sign On (SSO) for ArcGIS. At their request, and with the help of Esri solutions architect Jim VanOstenbridge, we've prepared the attached generic memo to campus IT directors. We hope you'll find it useful to adapt this…
What are the permitted uses of the premium datasets we access in ArcGIS Online? Can we keep data acquired from Data Enrichment on campus computers for future uses? For example, say we extracted variables from the premium datasets for the entire county, can we export and keep the data on our campus for future teaching uses?     Thank you.
This document contains tips, step-by-step instructions for administrative tasks, and Common Questions for managing Esri E-Learning. 
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