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“I personally see digital maps as a new kind of language that facilitates improved communication and collaboration in every aspect of society. Mastering this language will become an essential skill set for 21st-century living. “Map Use”, now in its eighth edition, is a comprehensive primer for using maps effectively. By providing the keys to unlock the codes that cartographers use to represent the world around us, this book is an invaluable companion for college-level students and instructors, for professionals in a variety of fields where maps are important, and also for casual map users.”

– Jack Dangermond

“Map Use” is available now in ebook format from popular book retailers. The print book will publish in November.

Dr. David G. Gallo of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution warns, “Regardless of where we live on planet Earth, we have an impact on the ocean. Conversely, regardless of where we live on Earth, the ocean has an impact on our everyday lives.”
“Ocean Solutions, Earth Solutions” 2nd edition, gathers ocean science and GIS best practices from more than 90 ocean and coastal science researchers in pursuit of solutions to the ocean’s ills. To the original 16 chapters – four of which have been updated – new contributors have added seven chapters that examine:
·        multivariate classification of seafloor structures in relation to marine jurisdictions and bioregions
·        application of satellite imagery to monitoring and protecting coastal zones
·        use of a web-based tool to examine coastal hazards and social, ecological, and economic assets
·        climate adaptation planning
·        island morphology and biodiversity change
·        sediment drainage streams, and
·        energy generation and consumption efficiency
  See a brief video here:
The print version of the recently updated "GIS Tutorial 1" workbook is now available.
Updated for ArcGIS 10.3.x, "GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook" is now available in digital format from popular ebook retailers. Lacking trial software, this edition is nicely priced and comes with a new chapter in which readers perform network analysis to solve routing and facility location problems. The print book is available for pre-order and will begin shipping in May. Esri Press| GIS Tutorial 1 | Basic Workbook, 10.3...