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We currently work in a versioned environment with ArcGIS 10.3.2.  We have been experiencing some problems when we posting and reconciling each version.  The User is in conflict with himself.  Doesn't anybody have any idea how or why this could be happening?  Below is an image taken from the conflict manager.  Clearly the feature has been change… (Show more)
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Hi All First time using GeoNet How can I make a copy or a new geodatabase from one of the sample geodatabase templates from  StormwaterNetwork.gdb  I wanted to use the StormwaterNetwork.gdb as a go by for starting a drainage master plan figure. The issue is the sample… (Show more)
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So i think i made a mistake and went to long with reconciling my QA version with its parent DEFAULT version.   I say this because I started the reconcile process on a friday afternoon and its now Monday and it is still going on, luckily no errors.    This reconcile is taking place outside of an edit session and is being handled in ArcCatalog via… (Show more)
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Hello, We currently have 10 users that are working in our enterprise environment on a daily basis.  Our current versioning workflow is to create a new version for each project that we work on.  Between the 10 users, this can total out to about 10-15 new versions every single day.  You can imagine how quickly our version count climbs rapidly with… (Show more)
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Hello all,   I work for a county government and we are trying to determine the best way forward with an issue.   We have two employees who edit parcel data full time directly in the SDE database.  This makes the transaction log in SQL fill up really quick.  Recently it has caused errors because it got full.  Is this because they are editing the… (Show more)
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I'm trying ti register a geodatabase PostgreSQL 9.3 in ArcGIS Server 10.4. ArcGIS Server is installed on Ubuntu (Linux) machine. I'm experiencing this error:   machine='ubuntu' process='26' thread='23' > The connection property set was missing a required property or the property value was unrecognized. Bad login user.   I tried to add ubuntu… (Show more)
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For the second time when investigating why our primary production database is slow I found that the edit tables are not compressing. The version tree from GDBTools is showing a pretty good compression each time but those edits still remain. It turns out that once again when I removed two replications they are taken out of all database tables… (Show more)
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i have many point in same coordinate and display in web application on different location by dispersing . i am searching one function to solve the problem and i achieve in postgresgis but not achieve in sql server. kindly define my function that is mention below   USE [abc] GO /****** Object: UserDefinedFunction… (Show more)
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