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Is the personal file geodatabase supported in ArcGIS Pro?
Good morning,   I am looking for examples of SQL expressions to use in Make Query Layer that have WHERE statements that include conditions based on attribute values and geometries.  The SDE from which I am pulling is an Oracle database.   Question 2: Who in a ModelBuilder tool or script tool asked an user to supply a geometry that is then used… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hi GIS Experts, Any help is appreciated. Following these instructions Create a geodatabase on Amazon Relational Database Service for PostgreSQL—ArcGIS for Server (10.4) | ArcGIS Enterprise  PostgreSQL 9.6.2  Amazon RDS PostGIS 2.3.2 (64bit) ArcGIS 10.4.1 Enable Enterprise Geodatabase gives below error   Start Time: Fri Jun 23 06:39:09 2017… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hi, Problem: We can not connect to oracle 12c db from ArcGIS desktop and server 10.3.   db server info: Oracle 12c installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.3 OS GIS Server:  arcgis for desktop and server 10.3.1 Installed on the same machine (windows server 2012 r2)   Oracle client info: oracle 12c 64x and 32x client installed on gis… (Show more)
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ArcGIS 10.4, ArcServer 10.4, Federated Portal 10.4, SQL Server 2014 Geodatabase All these errors give the message Packaging Succeeded, but publishing failed. Yesterday I was getting 001488, and eventually solved the problem by creating a new MXD and copying the layers into it, I was able to publish. This morning I noticed one layer in an already… (Show more)
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I keep this message in a log file - [6/11/2015 9:35:03 AM] Starting reconcile. [6/11/2015 9:35:03 AM] Warning: The reconcile process was not performed. The specified target version has no edit versions to reconcile with.   After attempting to do a post and reconcile using Python 2.7.1 Arcpy on a SQL SDE 10.0 database using a 10.2.2 client it… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
So, you been using geodatabase archiving to keep a history of your data's changes.  But you need to make a change to the feature class that requires archiving/versioning to be turned off or worst, you need to change a different feature class in the same data set.  You turn off, archive, make the change, and go to turn it back on.  Well poopy, your… (Show more)
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When executing sdetable command from command prompt I am getting an Underlying DBMS error(-51). I have Oracle 11g database with ArcSDE 10.1 installed.   Following is the sdetable command, sdetable -o describe -t sites -i sde:oracle11g:mydb -s -u sde -p sde   Following is the result: Error: Underlying DBMS error (-51). Error:… (Show more)
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