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We have a polyline feature class (in our enterprise sql geodatabase) with a couple attributes that have domains specified. During the usual manual editing of features, it works like a charm - users can only select one of the defined values in the attribute's domain. But the Field Calculator allows any (string) value to be placed in the field,… (Show more)
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Problem: We want to upgrade our Oracle 11g + ArcSDE 10.1.0 to Oracle 12c + ArcSDE 10.4.1   Steps tried so far: Created a new virtual server Exported a full database backup from current Oracle 11g installed Oracle 12c to new server from an ArcGIS 10.4.1 client used python to create ST_GEOMETRY as described… (Show more)
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In 10 minutes, learn how to setup Postgres instance from scratch, configure it to work with ArcGIS, create an enterprise geodatabase (SDE) on top of Postgres and finally connect to the geodatabase from ArcMap.   Hope you guys enjoy it   Planning to work on another video soon to setup a postgres…
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I am using ArcGIS 10.4.1. Recently I created a table in SDE (Oracle). On several of the fields I applied field aliases. I set up a relationship class between the table and an SDE point feature class. In ArcMap, when I use the Identify tool on a feature and drill down to view the data from the related table, the field names are shown instead of the… (Show more)
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So I have an sql table that is shared with ArcMap and a 3rd party application. Both applications need to edit/insert rows. The 3rd party application uses the auto sql Identity = ON to use the sql server's method of generating new ID's on insert. ArcGIS on the other hand uses some internal counter method to generate the next id.   What happens is,… (Show more)
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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything relevant to 10.5 yet... We just updated ArcGIS Server/ArcMap and I have ran the upgrade geodatabase tool to get the schema up to date with 10.5.   I'm experiencing really poor performance with running some data updates. I'm trying to do a field calculation on a field, the field… (Show more)
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Hi Dear: I have created an enterprise geodatabase database in this way: (Access by Admin, then create GIS Owner account to load the data, create users using admin accounts for sde_user_edit and for sde_user_read). Everything is okay with SDE_USER_READ as he cannot do any changes to my feature classes (Add or Delete) for the feature datasets and… (Show more)
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Hello, We have recently upgraded our ArcMap instances to 10.4 and are now having performance issues with our SQL Spatial Views.   Querying on the database side is fine, its when the views are loaded into ArcMap 10.4 when the slowness starts.  If I fiddle with the view I can make it perform better but its hit and miss. The 10.4 client is doing… (Show more)
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