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Greetings, GIS-er!!   I have a feature class and a non-spatial table in my geodatabase. I have registered my geodatabase to my server as well. Then i create a relationship class between feature class and the non spatial table to create a thematic map.   However, when i publish it to the server and add it to my application using JS API, it does… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
I'm trying to figure out if you can configure a feature class stored in an SQL geodatabase to dynamically update latitude and longitude values based on current locations rather than the last time the values were manually calculated.  I found one resource that referenced a Dynamic Update XY and Toggle Automatic Update XY tools, but they seem to be… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hi Dear: I have created an enterprise geodatabase database in this way: (Access by Admin, then create GIS Owner account to load the data, create users using admin accounts for sde_user_edit and for sde_user_read). Everything is okay with SDE_USER_READ as he cannot do any changes to my feature classes (Add or Delete) for the feature datasets and… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
We have ArcSDE and ArcGIS Server running and we have set up all map services to connect to ArcSDE through a specific user called GIS_SVC.  This service user does not have administrative privileges on any SDE databases.  It only has the level of permission necessary for the various map services.  We have a couple of automated scripts that… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
See subject.  When attempting to compress a versioned ArcSDE Geodatabase, I get an error code -43 SE_LOG_NOEXIST error in my COMPRESS_LOG table.   Platform: ArcSDE 10.0 on Oracle 11.2   Does anyone know how I would begin troubleshooting this?
in Geodatabase
I am trying to work on a SQL spatial query to duplicate what you can do on Arcmap. I am basically trying to select features from one SQL table which contains parcels data(polygons), which is within 200 feet of another layer which contains streams(lines). I am using pure SQL and not ArcSDE.. I have tried to find solutions online but have not been… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hi,   I'm getting a bit lost in the new ArcGIS Enterprise terminology - can someone point me to some document that explains what the ArcGIS Data Store and specifically the relational data store have to do with the good old Enterprise Geodatabase based on RDBMS products such as Oracle, MS SQL Serverv or Postgres? Is this just a new name for the… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
I'm trying ti register a geodatabase PostgreSQL 9.3 in ArcGIS Server 10.4. ArcGIS Server is installed on Ubuntu (Linux) machine. I'm experiencing this error:   machine='ubuntu' process='26' thread='23' > The connection property set was missing a required property or the property value was unrecognized. Bad login user.   I tried to add ubuntu… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
With the possible move of our Enterprise SDE to a remote location (from where we do edits), I'm trying to test options for two-way replication (check-out adds 2 hours of validation each time).  I can not use Workgroup SDE since that requires being installed on the ArcGIS Server machine, which is destined to be moved to the same location.  So I am… (Show more)
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