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I previously have only used Views to do complex queries but recently one of our database guys made me a couple of functions instead because he is pulling data from multiple databases and doing some complex things.  These are not showing up in the table list like a view does so I can't plot the XY manually in ArcMap.  To remedy this, he made a View… (Show more)
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Looking into cloud based storage options, specifically Azure, for working with GIS files across an organization.  Has anyone successfully performed edits against file geodatabases or rasters stored in Azure and/or done any mapping using ArcMap? My guess is the network latency would be too great to have any sort of productivity, but regardless,… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
My organization is upgrading from ArcGIS 10.3.1 to 10.5.1 where our SDE data is also being migrated from an Oracle11g to Oracle 12c database.  The SDE Administrator needed to update an SDE feature class where the database needed to be compressed to state 0 and then a truncate and append needed to be performed on the SDE feature class as it's… (Show more)
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I have 500+ versions in my production GIS database. As a regular maintenance, I need to run the version difference tool to check what versions are posted and what are not and generate a report every month so the posted versions (those with no edits in it) can be deleted safely. Using version difference tool in ArcMap is tedious work. Does anyone… (Show more)
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According to Esri documentation, geodatbaase replication is RDBMS agnostic, meaning that theoretically there is nothing to prevent one from successfully implementing geodatabase replication between Oracle and SQL Server.    "Geodatabase replication is built on top of the versioning environment and supports the full geodatabase data model… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
In a process of replica (two ways)  - ArcGIS Server 10.4 - SQL Server Create replica -- Sync changes , After a certain period of time decided to delete records,( delete rows ) Subsequently perform a load  features, these changes will be reflected in the replica ?
in Geodatabase
Hi,  I am trying to understand configuration Keywords a little better and how they play a roll in GDB set up/function.  I understand the difference between the GEOGRAPHY and GEOMETRY configuration keywords in that the geography keyword will store data using lat/long coordinates systems, and geometry will use projected coordinate systems.      1.… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
So when I am working on a project of a ski area, I was setting up an annotation in a File Geodatabase. Now with everything I had set up and things change and I had to go back to this annotation geodatabase and I need to fix them. It is funny thing that It would not let me move and even I cannot select it.   I tried to do that in ArcGIS Pro but… (Show more)
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