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I have a certain order I would like my fields in my attribute table to be arranged. Not a wild notion. It would explain why you are capable of moving the fields around in the first place but I would like these fields to remain where I move them, which is not the case most times I close the window or switch to a new tab. This has become annoying to… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
I have a question, seemengly a trivial one. I build up a physical characterisation database for lakes in ESRI:s filegeodatabase using features, tables and relations classes. I want to evaluate a succession of criteria, highligt and work with my final selection. Description : After a succession of selection using different criterias, using… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
I have extracted building footprints from raster imagery using image classification in ArcGIS Desktop and Spatial Analyst, using the training sample manager and 4-band imagery. However, when I now try to run the extracted footprints through Regularize Building Footprints in 3D Analyst, it gets hung up. I don't know if it is the polygonalized… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Is it bad to name a column in an SDE table with a pound sign? For example: #_Conduit or #_Feature     
in Geodatabase
I do have a question about Geodatabase Topology's Error Inspector  and I have looked at the ArcGIS help online however, I could not find it . Here is the screenshot of what I am trying to explain. See the picture here and here are the two circles I drew  on Feature 1 and Feature 2.    What I am trying to understand about it and how these works.… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hi There, One of our users upgraded to ArcGIS 10.5 and after upgrade direct connect to SDE stopped working. I am curious if there are any other users noticing this issue. Here is the screenshot of the error. Our oracle version is    Appreciate any feedback. Thanks   Jay
in Geodatabase
We are upgrading our geodatabase to 10.3.1 from 10.2.  We are running Oracle on IBM AIX 7.1.  I have a couple of questions.1. Now that ArcSDE application server is no longer available for Oracle is it recommended that we remove this component from the server?2. The upgrade procedures, steps 7 and 8, say to copy over the libraries to… (Show more)
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