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Join tens of thousands of other GIS fans who will be taking part in the Map Off 2016 event for GIS Day. It is a free online collaborative mapping activity - where participants respond to a series of questions with their views about climate change. Then everyone can see the results in a specially created webapp. Will be interesting to see if views vary by areas. Join the fun Map Off event . If you register on the site then I will be able to keep you updated with all the information and links. 
We have GISday coming up in November and we're doing a medium-sized event at my company. Last year we did a Name-That-Place competition and gave away some pretty decent prizes. This year we'll do the same but also want to add a couple more activities.   We plan on doing a Session Raffle, so that people who attend most of our sessions… (Show more)
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When will registration open for GISDay 2016? (
in GIS Day
When willregistration open for GISDay 2016? (