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Just want to know if anyone is able to generate a Cedar chart with an event layer.   I have no problem to generate Cedar charts from map services with regular feature classes, but I'm not able to generate a chart with map services with an event layer.   At first, I thought this could have something to do with missing ObjectID on my event… (Show more)
I'm working with the ArcGIS Online Basic Web App Viewer for the first time and had a question about expanding the click-able radius of a feature on the map.   The application works fine on a computer with a mouse, but I think that the audience for this particular webmap will mostly be mobile users, as such, I would like to increase the onClick… (Show more)
Hello, I have made a ArcWeb map and then embedding the map on the webpage. I want to know if there is a possibility to add legend box as an image in which are will stay in the bottom left corner and would not change at all. I do not want to use the legend available in the web app builder as that is dynamic. I just want to put an legend as an… (Show more)
Hi,   I am new to Dojo and ArcGIS JSAPI. I am using version 4.3 and I would like to load a custom module stored in a .js file in a subdirectory.   I was trying to do just as this example: , but it does not work. Dojo is trying to load my custom module from… (Show more)
I have a Geoform that I have downloaded the code too and have hosted internally.  When I open it in Google Chrome, the Chrome tab displays whatever the text in "Title" under "details" in the default.js file is.  The problem with this, is that I have custom HTML tags for the Geoform title text, that subsequently show up in the title of the tab in… (Show more)