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Hi,   I am new to Dojo and ArcGIS JSAPI. I am using version 4.3 and I would like to load a custom module stored in a .js file in a subdirectory.   I was trying to do just as this example: , but it does not work. Dojo is trying to load my custom module from… (Show more)
I have a Geoform that I have downloaded the code too and have hosted internally.  When I open it in Google Chrome, the Chrome tab displays whatever the text in "Title" under "details" in the default.js file is.  The problem with this, is that I have custom HTML tags for the Geoform title text, that subsequently show up in the title of the tab in… (Show more)
Hi, I was using TMS service and trying to integrate this using ESRI JS API. Tested, map using just WebTiledLayer works zoom level up to whatever is available, however, if I turn this into basemap zoom level won't work after 19. (so 20, 21 are not working) Anyone have any idea how to make this work?   Thanks!