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We’re currently in the development and testing phase of implementing the Parcel Fabric for our county, and have encountered EXTREME performance issues that no one seems to have an answer for.   As a brief background:  We’ve already (months ago) completed a lengthy cleanup process of our parcels – simplifying the line work by removing excessive… (Show more)
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Jason Camerano gave me this python snippet: head, sep, tail = arcpy.Describe(parcelFabricLayer).Path.partition(".gdb") workspacePath = head + sep explanation: Describe().Path returns the full path that also contains the string ".gdb" partition separates is using the provided ".gdb" string  to: head - before the ".gdb" string sep - the ".gdb"… (Show more)
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We have been working in the parcel fabric for a couple years now. We use versioning and have 6 editors doing parcel maintenance. I am one of the 6 but I also check the fabric for things like missing start/end dates, construction polys left in the fabric...things like that. Lately, even after a version has been posted and deleted, when there are… (Show more)
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When I check the parcel fabric for errors by right clicking the fabric in Catalog>Check Parcel Fabric..., one of the errors in the list is:

Parcel with ID = 6439 has the following errors:
Parcel shape contains very short segments

When I go to the parcel with this object ID and open it, I see no very short segments.  How can I fix these errors?  I tried to regenerate it, but the error was still identified in the output list.  Thanks.
Parcel Fabric Geoprocessing tools have been organized and modified. You can now download them in a single location and easily deploy them. The collection of toolboxes cover the following areas: data migration, feature adjustment, parcel fabric adjustment, export and reporting, field calculation and useful samples for python (script tools)…
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I noticed that there are four subclasses to the LGIM model (ownership, separated right, other, PLSS second division) that are not displayed when the fabric is loaded to a new map document. Is there a way to display these by default? I'm trying to develop a custom solution for my organization and it would be a great help if I could figure out how… (Show more)
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Created a Parcel Drafter application with Developer WAB 2.3. Everything seems to be fine, except once we create a parcel we can't drag to rotate or scale. Typing it in works. There are a couple parcels drawn in the middle of Lodi Township (SW of Ann Arbor) to test with. In the console, you can see "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'x' of… (Show more)
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I am trying to import our state's PLSS GCDB parcel fabric into my editing fabric. I projected the fabric that I downloaded from the state to the coordinate system I use and used the "copy parcel fabric" geoprocessing tool after selecting a township (and all associated points, first divisions, second divisions, etc.) to a new parcel fabric. I then… (Show more)
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Learn how the state of Utah maintains their cadastral reference system (Public Land Survey System) - . This is a wonderful use of story maps to tell the story of control points importance and maintenance in the state of Utah.    What's your story?
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How can I split a polygon in many parts in a massive way?
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