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Just testing with a parcel fabric, the import control points was working, but now seems to run without errors but the points don't show up in the table or on the map. Any ideas?
New ArcGIS for Assessment and Taxation White paper
New ArcGIS for Assessment and Taxation White Paper 
    Created a Parcel Drafter application with Developer WAB 2.3. Everything seems to be fine, except once we create a parcel we can't drag to rotate or scale. Typing it in works. There are a couple parcels drawn in the middle of Lodi Township (SW of Ann Arbor) to test with. In the console, you can see "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'x' of… (Show more)
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    when I use the parcel boundary labeling I am getting different bearings reading for the same line, I now that every parcel have it own lines, but i thing the bearings should be the same...see attached photo..
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    We’re currently in the development and testing phase of implementing the Parcel Fabric for our county, and have encountered EXTREME performance issues that no one seems to have an answer for.   As a brief background:  We’ve already (months ago) completed a lengthy cleanup process of our parcels – simplifying the line work by removing excessive… (Show more)
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    Hi all,   We are looking for ESRI's best practices for storing and replicating Parcel Fabric in an SDE geodatabase. I've found lots of help but not a best practices doc with diagrams. Does this exist?   Thanks!   Chris
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    We are in the process of migrating our data to the Parcel Fabric model.  For future data entry, we would like to require CAD files instead of re-drafting\cogo'ing each line segment for future subdivisions and development.  I'm looking to see if anyone has developed a CAD Layering Standard and/or any custom tools that allow for scripted checks into… (Show more)
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