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We are in the process of migrating our data to the Parcel Fabric model.  For future data entry, we would like to require CAD files instead of re-drafting\cogo'ing each line segment for future subdivisions and development.  I'm looking to see if anyone has developed a CAD Layering Standard and/or any custom tools that allow for scripted checks into… (Show more)
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Hi all,   We are looking for ESRI's best practices for storing and replicating Parcel Fabric in an SDE geodatabase. I've found lots of help but not a best practices doc with diagrams. Does this exist?   Thanks!   Chris
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What does this message mean? And how can I get around it? Join Parcel, "Unconnected parcel groups will be split, try joining again."
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I've seen a couple topics on calculating a given property's road frontage, using polyline split tools and Polygon to line.   arcgis desktop - How to calculate frontages of city parcel data in ArcMap 10.0? - Geographic Information Systems Stack E…  -and- Need help building model in ArcGIS    Without an extension for Spatial Analyst (or anything… (Show more)
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First of all, I don't know if this is the right place to make a post in this new GeoNet...   Anyways, ever since I updated to 10.2.2 I've noticed the Breakline tool in the parcel fabric editor sometimes not working correctly. The problem doesn't always happen, and I haven't been able to figure out how to reliably duplicate it.  What happens is,… (Show more)
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1st Edition of TecGEO.ORG: Spatial Data Infrastructures and Geospatial Intelligence MOOC We are about to begin this journey and invite all interested parties to attend this entirely free course that addresses critical issues in the current era related to Geospatial Intelligence and Spatial Data Infrastructures. More information here: Miriada X -… (Show more)
We’re currently in the development and testing phase of implementing the Parcel Fabric for our county, and have encountered EXTREME performance issues that no one seems to have an answer for.   As a brief background:  We’ve already (months ago) completed a lengthy cleanup process of our parcels – simplifying the line work by removing excessive… (Show more)
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Jason Camerano gave me this python snippet: head, sep, tail = arcpy.Describe(parcelFabricLayer).Path.partition(".gdb") workspacePath = head + sep explanation: Describe().Path returns the full path that also contains the string ".gdb" partition separates is using the provided ".gdb" string  to: head - before the ".gdb" string sep - the ".gdb"… (Show more)
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We have been working in the parcel fabric for a couple years now. We use versioning and have 6 editors doing parcel maintenance. I am one of the 6 but I also check the fabric for things like missing start/end dates, construction polys left in the fabric...things like that. Lately, even after a version has been posted and deleted, when there are… (Show more)
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When I check the parcel fabric for errors by right clicking the fabric in Catalog>Check Parcel Fabric..., one of the errors in the list is:

Parcel with ID = 6439 has the following errors:
Parcel shape contains very short segments

When I go to the parcel with this object ID and open it, I see no very short segments.  How can I fix these errors?  I tried to regenerate it, but the error was still identified in the output list.  Thanks.
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