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Hi everyone,

I have a quick question regarding Parcel Fabric.

I need to publish the FabricParcels as a feature service without using the Publishing tool since my data model in custom and doesn't conform to the Local Government Model from Esri and thus the Publishing tools may not work for me as is.

What other way can I achieve this, any recommended approach or modification to the publishing tools?

Thanks a lot for any advice you'll offer
Anyone try Parcel Drafter yet??? I have followed the instructions and everything configured, but when I try to Start A New Traverse, I get nothing, as if the tool widget is not active..... The Try It Live versions seems to work fine....
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I wanted to share with you all that there is an updated Data Reviewer template for the Parcel Fabric.  This template comes with two Reviewer Batch Jobs. One for checking your data prior to migrating into the Parcel Fabric and the second is for data in the Parcel… (Show more)

ArcGIS 10.4.1 for Desktop Parcel Editing General Maintenance Patch is live on the support site. The URL is:


Basic Info:


This is a general maintenance patch for the Parcel Editor.

Issues Addressed with this patch

·        BUG-000097210 - The parcel editing Parallel Offset tool on a rotated/scaled parcel fails to extend/trim for a single line segment and/or to maintain the recorded bearing.

·        BUG-000096619 - Exploding a multipart parcel with curves that share a radial point does not explode correctly for radial lines.

·        BUG-000094736 - When using parcel editor to open or edit parcel(s) it should only draw the lines of the open parcel(s).

·        BUG-000094561 - When using parcel editor joining a parcel point to a Control Point should associate the parcel point to the control point.

·        BUG-000091817 - Unable to access an AGO feature service layer that has a GUID column in ArcMap.
I was wondering if anyone can help me. I'm adapting the default LGIM created along with a parcel fabric and want to add additional domains or subtypes (there are all kinds of platted easements and tracts as an example) but want to "re-package" these modifications so that we possess a "template" version for our organization. Can anyone tell me if… (Show more)
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Using the Load a Topology to a Fabric tool, and a feature class of previously validated and corrected features (with one selected in the attribute table) this error pops up....     Anyone ever encounter this. The message is so clear and explanatory I'm wondering why I even needed to come here and ask...
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Using ArcGIS 10.3.1 and attempting to run the Split Selected Lines tool, from the Curves and Lines add-in, I am receiving the following error message: The table data for the record in question is: OBJECTID * Shape * LEFT_FID RIGHT_FID Shape_Length 169 Polyline Z -1 72 29.790374 The feature class in question is a lines FC developed… (Show more)
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I have developed a spiral-curve-spiral tool. It is available on Git-hub. The tool is rough. Currently, it only works with feet. The tool is located here: GitHub - ORMAPtools/Spiral-Tools: Tools to construct highway spirals in ArcMap .
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Has anyone experienced any gaps and overlaps in the parcel fabric when creating a subdivision using the New Subdivision from CAD workflow?   I have already tried Unjoining and Rejoining several times without any success.
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