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Drones for IR and/or LiDAR

I just left CES and am astounded at the proliferation of drones. Does anyone out there have any experience in using drones to fly small scale/local LiDAR or IR coverage? 
Hello, I am wondering what resources or training are available to learn how to extract land cover data from orthophotography. Almost all of my GIS experience is with vector data, I have never done much with raster data beyond displaying it as a background to a map. I am working with an urban forestry nonprofit right now. A few years ago Davey did… (Show more)
I am trying to add a base layer however when I select add data and the drop down menu pops up it will not allow me to select the base layer option. I have added a layer through Arc Catalog through the GIS Servers menu so I am assuming it is a problem directly with adding a base layer command. Thank you.