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Hi all,     I have created a slope raster from a DEM and am trying to select only contiguous areas of slope less than 10 degrees. I have used the raster calculator to select that subset of slopes, but I only want to include areas that are contiguous (i.e.   no gaps between pixels, as seen in the one linear raster area below, which is a road). I… (Show more)
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Is there a tool that I can use Lidar to create Vegetation classifications?  I am looking for types such as Douglas Fir and Madrone.    I am not looking for:  2 Ground 3 Low Vegetation 4 Medium Vegetation 5 High Vegetation
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12/5/2016:  Added extensively to the Regularize Building Footprint tool suggestions. 12/8/2016: Changed 1200 to 12000 in the Regularize Building Footprint tool suggestions. 12/21/2016:  Added Clean Extracted Buildings Using Regularize Building Footprint Tool 12/22/2016:  Corrected error in models for Clean Extracted Buildings Using Regularize… (Show more)
Hello all! I am working on a project that will compare two LAS datasets. The problem is that each has a different average point spacing, 2.8 and 1.3 respectively. I am tying to reduce the point spacing of the 1.3 dataset to a number closer to 2.8 for comparisons. I have tried converting them to multipoints and removing them that way but nothing… (Show more)
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Hi All,   I am looking at posting our District's 2m Lidar derived contour data on AGOL. When we initially loaded the data up to AGOL we noticed that we were chewing through our credits at a rate of 53 credits per-day, by the end of the year we would have been in the red. We had loaded our 2 and 5m Contour data which equated to 6GB of data on… (Show more)
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Whenever I use the Point to Raster tool for conversion of LiDAR topo data, it converts my value types from Double to Long thus "rounding" the numbers to integers. Can anyone explain why it is doing this?
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