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Building Footprint Extraction with Lidar Point Clouds (using lidar classified and unclassified for buildings)Using ArcGIS® Pro 2.0 At the Imagery and Mapping Forum, I will be one of the speakers and running the workshop for 3D Mapping with Lidar Point Clouds on Saturday and Sunday.     This workshop will provide a limited number of computers on a… (Show more)
My client wants to keep lidar data in a las dataset and not use terrain datasets or mosaic datasets.  They also do not want to create multipoint features in the geodatabase from the las files.  I need to create a DSM and a DEM from the las dataset alone.  I have read the excellent esri paper available here :… (Show more)
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Hi all,     I have created a slope raster from a DEM and am trying to select only contiguous areas of slope less than 10 degrees. I have used the raster calculator to select that subset of slopes, but I only want to include areas that are contiguous (i.e.   no gaps between pixels, as seen in the one linear raster area below, which is a road). I… (Show more)
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