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Hi all,     I have created a slope raster from a DEM and am trying to select only contiguous areas of slope less than 10 degrees. I have used the raster calculator to select that subset of slopes, but I only want to include areas that are contiguous (i.e.   no gaps between pixels, as seen in the one linear raster area below, which is a road). I… (Show more)
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Is there a tool that I can use Lidar to create Vegetation classifications?  I am looking for types such as Douglas Fir and Madrone.    I am not looking for:  2 Ground 3 Low Vegetation 4 Medium Vegetation 5 High Vegetation
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12/5/2016:  Added extensively to the Regularize Building Footprint tool suggestions. 12/8/2016: Changed 1200 to 12000 in the Regularize Building Footprint tool suggestions. 12/21/2016:  Added Clean Extracted Buildings Using Regularize Building Footprint Tool 12/22/2016:  Corrected error in models for Clean Extracted Buildings Using Regularize… (Show more)
Hello all! I am working on a project that will compare two LAS datasets. The problem is that each has a different average point spacing, 2.8 and 1.3 respectively. I am tying to reduce the point spacing of the 1.3 dataset to a number closer to 2.8 for comparisons. I have tried converting them to multipoints and removing them that way but nothing… (Show more)
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