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Is it possible to customize the settings of the attribute assistant to be unique to a specific MXD. For example, one MXD is set up specifically for addressing and has a set of rules in the Dynamic Value table. A second MXD is set up for parcel maintenance an would have it's own Dynamic Value table and associated rules. That way, the user of MXD 2… (Show more)
I would like to load our existing point address FC into the LGIM SiteAddressPoint FC. I've noticed that there is no accommodation for loading existing address point data with parsed road names (e.g. "StreetPrefixDir", "StreetName", "StreetSuffixDir", etc.). Has anyone else ran into this and, if so, how were you able to load data with street names… (Show more)
I've been using an MXD to publish maps for Arc Reader users on our network for some time. The Map document contains features from a file geodatabase and includes relationships to tables that have attachments. The PMF's have always worked, giving the users access to the attachments. Yesterday, I created a data package from the pmf to deploy to… (Show more)