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Hi All,   I have configured the adopta catch basin app but I am not able to have users login. Emails records are created in the UserTable table and an email is sent with a link to app.   The app will say "email already exists" when the link is no catch basin can be adopted :-(   link url:… (Show more)
One more mysterious issue with configuring Public Notification App -  When executing a search by parcel, the search executes successfully, but the drop-down options always show up as 'undefined'.  I have configured the 'SearchDisplayFields' to be 'PARCEL' for the parcel query layer (our parcel variable name) and it simple does not read it even… (Show more)
Putting together a quick version of this app to demo, and am having trouble with the Twitter search criteria.  Can add one keyword no problem, but advanced searches, and date-ranges do not seem to work.  Have looked at the Twitter Advanced Search help page, but using the syntax mentioned there doesn't seem to have any effect.  Has anyone been… (Show more)
Is it possible to use URL parameters to open to a specific feature and/or map within Crowdsource Reporter? I'm using the template from GitHub. This would be helpful for us because we would like to send out an email upon request creation with its details as well as a hyperlink to the feature. Also, I'd like to be able to direct people to the… (Show more)
Hello,   I am trying to get Parcel Drafter working and I have configured the application per the instructions: Configure application - Parcel Drafter | ArcGIS for Local Government    I published the layer package through ArcGIS for Server 10.4.1, created the webmap, configured the Parcel Drafter widget, including selecting 'Snapping Layers' as… (Show more)
I've gone through the documented steps for Photo Survey in the ArcGIS for Local Government solutions page- twice. Both times I've tried (with completely different sets of photos), I've seen the message "There are no surveys available at this time; thank you for your participation." displayed on the front page. I don't seem to have any option to… (Show more)
Hopefully about to put the finishing touches on our implementation of this app.  2 related things have me stumped however.  In our Parcels feature class, there is no 'Site Address' field.  Instead we have 3 fields that can be used together to generate the site address - street number, street direction and street name.   In the config.js file, for… (Show more)
Working on configuring this app - not using the local gov't data model, but it's mostly all set with our own set up.  Weird behavior though when search for a parcel by parcel ID. The parcel id is found, and a parcel is highlighted - however the basemaps totally disappear, so you end up with a selected parcel on a totally blank map, the parcel… (Show more)
I am a new LGIM user in city government that is just getting started in the implementation process (or attempting to, anyway).  The intent is to gradually move all city data to the model.  Currently, all of our data is in SQL Server and we would like it to stay there.  Does anyone have any experience/tips on the best practice for implementing LGIM… (Show more)
Is there any way to create a COGO report, listing the courses, area and error of closure for linework based on CAD data that has been submitted by a consultant? I'm trying to establish a workflow that will keep our review techs from re-entering and re-creating drawings, and more importantly, introducing errors into work that has already been done, but we need a report that verifies the information (labels) that will be on the recorded document is correct. The COGO Area tool sort of does this, calculating the area, but doesn't not show the other information we need to check...
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