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Hello (yet again).   So I am not being able to add media additions to the pop-up for Campus Place Locator. I would like to be able to both add images that are linked via URL in an attribute in the EmployeeInfo-table as well as using external URL's added straight to the code.   Anyone can help me with how to make the additions to the following… (Show more)
Additions to pop-ups in Campus Place Locator
Can anybody help me with these questions?  I am trying to setup a WAB Developer 2.4 app with the Parcel Drafter and have hit a few snags or just need clarification on some things.   1) Where are the traverses saved and in what file type?  Same location as my data?  Can I set things up so the user can save the traverses to their device?   2) Is… (Show more)
I was looking at the latest Election Results Web App Builder configuration offered by the Esri Local Government Team.  Looks nice, but it seems that a critical piece is missing.  It seems that you can't get the county-wide results(or state-wide depending on your jurisdiction).  People using this app like to see how districts voted, but they also… (Show more)
Hello.   Something seems to be off with my attempts to start using the Campus Place Locator, even when I go through the official guidelines from A to Z.   So I was wondering if anyone else has had these growing pains. I am using a Portal setup and I have tried both hosting the tiled layers and featureservices on Portal and also to post them to… (Show more)
I have an aerial photo of Person County NC, then I have a Township boundary line layer. I am trying to clip the aerial photography of just on of the town ships.  So far I have tried running a definition query to only show desired township then I went to Arc Toolbox- Data Management Tools - Raster - Raster Processing - and Clip. Then the clip… (Show more)
We have an app up using My Government Services and are seeing some odd behavior with one of our links.  In one of our operation layers, we have a link set up that is essentially just referencing a URL field in a feature class.  Those URLs are valid and correctly formatted (  However when clicking on the link via the… (Show more)
I am trying to use the Local Government Solutions for Base Maps. I use the 'Set map data source' tool to point to our SDE database connection on ArcServer. When I open the map file, the data source for each item points to the exact feature in our organizations database. However, nothing is displayed. When I zoom to features, nothing. I make sure… (Show more)
Hello!   I work a small non-profit that protects the local watershed. We were looking into using Citizen Problem Reporter so that locals could identify areas of the river that needed clean-up or other problems such as log jams. It appears that the app is mostly used by government entities. I wanted to make sure NGOs had the same access before I… (Show more)
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