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Hi all,   I've missed a step or a particular piece of the configuration while setting up the Parcel Drafter for Local Government solution using Web AppBuilder Dev. Edition. I loaded the required schema for parcel drafter lines and parcel drafter parcels into our enterprise GIS and included these in an AGS service with Feature Access enabled. I… (Show more)
Hi there, I'm in the process of migrating data into the Local Government Information Model. I'm currently working on hydrant data and identified wHydrant and wHydrantInspection as two feature classes I need to populate/append. My question is: how are these two feature classes related? I don't see a relationship class between the two in the LGIM… (Show more)
Im a new user to the LGIM and i work for a small city planning department within the government. I recently came up with the idea to implement LGIM. Currently we have data in shapefiles, autocad files, excel and many other formats. My question is how do I convert this data into LGIM databse format or is there a way to add this data to the LGIM… (Show more)
Is an Attribute Assistant for ArcMap 10.4.1 available for download? I cant utilize my current versions of AA.Michael Miller
If I joined this information only based on something simple like the state or county, rather than the specific address for the new attributes would this randomly match the attributes to the address feature class based on the state name making them inaccurate to the address itself?
I've gone through the documented steps for Photo Survey in the ArcGIS for Local Government solutions page- twice. Both times I've tried (with completely different sets of photos), I've seen the message "There are no surveys available at this time; thank you for your participation." displayed on the front page. I don't seem to have any option to… (Show more)
Are there any other municipalities that vet the data provided from the templates for Crowdsource Reporter data before you release it for public consumption? Our concern is that if we use the Crowdsource Reporter and someone puts inappropriate images or comments in the record we don't want it publicized. Thoughts? Feedback?   unknown ArcGIS… (Show more)
I would like to load our existing point address FC into the LGIM SiteAddressPoint FC. I've noticed that there is no accommodation for loading existing address point data with parsed road names (e.g. "StreetPrefixDir", "StreetName", "StreetSuffixDir", etc.). Has anyone else ran into this and, if so, how were you able to load data with street names… (Show more)
We have set up the Residential Comp Finder solution but we want to disable the ability to use GeoEnrichment. We have already disabled the ability to get community reports. Now, how can we change the configuration so that no reports can be downloaded and no enrichment information is shown when a property is searched and selected?   We want to… (Show more)
The Local Government Model is a well documented, highly integrated, geodatabase model that has been developed and configured by ESRI and made available on their site for all registered users. It is considered a complete product but one thing I've discovered is documentation on it is sparse and/or somewhat difficult to find. On top of this there…
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