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The Location Advantage MOOC

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I have lost the link to enter the class and I keep finding the "sign me up" page instead. Does anyone have a link to the actual lessons and such?
I have a student who signed up for the Location Advantage MOOC.  But we cannot find a link to take her back to the class content.  We just keep getting looped back to the sign up page.  Does anyone have the link?
What Next Location Advantage ........
Doing business analysis and adding to  policy discussions about neighborhood retail zoning.
Yes I am interested in a programming tool to learn to write codes and scripts through ArcGIS Desktop , ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server with Portal. I currently have ArcGIS basic "editor" license. I do not have any extensions tool such as spatial or 3d analyst.  I would love to have some input to which one would be better Python or Java Script for… (Show more)
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