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My team is looking for a new member. Here's the job posting    Feel free to contact me for more details or questions, but all resumes must go through the usual submission process (via the Careers website).   OVERVIEWDo you think map projections are cool? Know what a datum is? As a projection engine product engineer, you will help build and… (Show more)
I have 2 shapefiles from a few years ago that I did not author. One is in NAD27 UTM 10, the other is in NAD83 UTM 10. . There was a map request that includes this data. We have a standard practice of using NAD83 HARN SPS. The Data frame and all other associated data is in SPS. When I added the layer the data was off by a few meters, and I assumed… (Show more)
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Introduction The Global Geodetic Reference Frame (GGRF) is the realisation of the Global Geodetic Reference System (GGRS). The GGRS comprises terrestrial and celestial components allowing users to precisely determine and express locations on the Earth, as well as to quantify changes of the Earth system in space and time.    What is the GGRF?… (Show more)
Hello!   I have a list of shapefiles that I am trying to merge together to create one larger shapefile. The issue here is that these shapefiles have different coordinate systems. The list below identifies all the different datums and coordinate systems I am working with. The top of each category in bold is the Datum followed by the italicized… (Show more)
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I am trying to digitize an old map. The projection is Lambert Conical Orthomorphic, It is a southern hemisphere map I  georeference the map (it is a scanned image, I've tried various projections) it appears to georeferecnce OK. But when I try to digitize various features as a layer, the digitised vector layers are (flipped over and spun thru 180… (Show more)
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Hi Everyone,   I am working with NASA data in ArcGIS and am having a problem with displaying the longitude correctly. I have attached a screenshot, unfortunately the file is too large. This file should be over Japan but it appears over the Atlantic. Here is my workflow: 1. In HDFView, convert file from .nc to .h5. Arc seems to handle h5 much… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am trying to calculate burn area of brazil using MODIS burn area product shapefiles for northern and central South America. These were monthly shapfiles from April - Decemeber of 2015. The goal was to merge/dissolve these shapefiles of burn area for this time frame and calculate the percentage burn out of total area of brazil. The area of… (Show more)
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The extent to which the PCS conserve the original  shape (ii) area and (iii)distance.
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