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The extent to which the PCS conserve the original  shape (ii) area and (iii)distance.
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Hi Geeks!   I have been trying to solve this issue in application for arcgis webtiledlayer to display 3rd pary tile map service (TMS) in EPSG:3414 projection [Projected Coordinate Systems]. More info >>   I have provided the tileinfo to describe the tile layers below:   var tileInfo = new… (Show more)
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I am embarking on a new project that is located in Finland and the data in the project folder are projected in Finnish KKJ_Zone 4 [EPSG2394]. The Arc dropdown box lists two projections for Finland under Projected Coordinate Systems/National Grids: KKJ Finland Zone 0 and KKJ Finland Zone 5 (but no Zone 4). Is there a simple way to add KKJ Finland… (Show more)
Hi Everyone   I have a case where I have vector data (crop census polygons) in a LO19_South Africa Projected Coordinate System with a Geographic Coordinate Sytem of Hartebeesthoek_1994. I then added MODIS LST data to my dataframe which has a Projected Coordinate System which reads: Unknown_datum_based_upon_the_custom_spheroid_Sinusoidal (in layer… (Show more)
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Hi python snippets arcgis map clip_analysis tool is not working properly for Annotation layer provided the output in another projection system. Anyone else encountered this.   To recreate the issue:   Open python window   set outcoordinatesystem set to another. Try out clip_analysis for annotation layer. The output is not as expected. The… (Show more)
Hi All,   I am struggling with something related to coordinates;   I have been given some coordinates for a cable: they are in excel but I had to modify a bit it as it was with blanks rows and things like that.   the original format of each cell is : latitude: N32 28.5701 longitude : E034 53.1880   so in order to import all the coordinates… (Show more)
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I realize there are already many questions and answers out there related to this issue.  However, I continue having a difficult time pinpointing exactly which transformations I should use.    Essentially, I have GPS data that was post processed against the local CORS stations in Pathfinder Office using the reference position from base provider… (Show more)
What is the best way to re-project NAD83(86) to NAD83(2011) without changing the x y coordinates?  We have a been processing survey data for the last few years from text files that are referenced to HARN, CORS96, 2007, or 2011 (presumably what local surveyors have used over the last 10 years with network GPS receivers) and importing them directly… (Show more)
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