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Hello, I have AGOL subscription and an arcgis server account (10.3.1). I made a webmap that contains a feature service from my server (sql 2008) and I want to add features using the collector app. On android platform there is no problem. But on ios - when I open the map the app crashes. I made the map public, it is called: Collector Checking… (Show more)
Hello   I heard that it was possible to set up collector so that the user can only update the features attributes, not the geometry, or have the ability to create a new feature.  So essentially the feature is read-only BUT the attributes can be changed/updated   Any info would be greatly appreciated   Thanks!   Sam
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A great article published in Field Technologies Online which discusses how the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), the third-largest municipal utility in California, saved $40,000 on their mobile inspections using Survey123 for ArcGIS.   Mobilizing Inspections Saves $40000  (registration is required to view the entire article, but… (Show more)
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I realize there are already many questions and answers out there related to this issue.  However, I continue having a difficult time pinpointing exactly which transformations I should use.    Essentially, I have GPS data that was post processed against the local CORS stations in Pathfinder Office using the reference position from base provider… (Show more)
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Has anyone succeeded in getting the Trimble iOS GNSS Status app to override the iOS Core location services?   I can connect my R1 to my iPhone 5C. The GNSS Status app displays 38 cm accuracy using SBAS.  The accuracy displayed seems stable.   My iOS app calculates distance in the app from the last captured lat / longitude and the latest lat /… (Show more)
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I have a lot of points of interest with their location already set on a layer.  I've brought these into ArcGIS Online (on a Portal account) and can access this layer in Collector in the field.  Each point has a lot of empty attributes that I'll be collecting data for in the field.  Currently using Collector is difficult as the attributes are all… (Show more)
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Our organization has been inspecting storm infrastructure in several degrees for many years now. We presently use the Collector App to inspect the existing stormwater asset inventory. Our goal with this particular workflow process is to field data collect the growing stormwater inventory for the Region. I’ve been working with the continuous… (Show more)
I am deploying GIS to our field workers using ArcGIS Online and mobile apps like collector, survey123, etc.  We are at the phase where we need to choose which hardware we will use.  In past projects I have used iPads successfully.  We are currently looking at both the iPad Air2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 as options.  Some of our basic… (Show more)
Running Collector on a Windows 10 Surface Pro and using NetMotion to access Internet, which I can connect to through my browser. Any ideas?
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