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I am deploying GIS to our field workers using ArcGIS Online and mobile apps like collector, survey123, etc.  We are at the phase where we need to choose which hardware we will use.  In past projects I have used iPads successfully.  We are currently looking at both the iPad Air2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 as options.  Some of our basic… (Show more)
Running Collector on a Windows 10 Surface Pro and using NetMotion to access Internet, which I can connect to through my browser. Any ideas?
I have a lot of points of interest with their location already set on a layer.  I've brought these into ArcGIS Online (on a Portal account) and can access this layer in Collector in the field.  Each point has a lot of empty attributes that I'll be collecting data for in the field.  Currently using Collector is difficult as the attributes are all… (Show more)
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Hi,   I have a land surveyor who will be going into the field and will need to use a mobile app on his phone. My question for the GeoNet is, which app would be best to use?   Here is what we need. The needs to be able to: use GPS (on smart phone) consume and display ArcGIS Online services show a basemap show an icon of where the GPS… (Show more)
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There are some capabilities that would be great out in the field that ArcMap has (such as an add-in) that I would like to utilize.  We also have loaded up the software as a backup but I haven't tested it yet and not even sure ArcMap itself can hook up to a GPS?  Is this possible?
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Checkout this Esri Insider blog post on Esri's field apps winning some awards at the International Map Industry Association (IMIA) 2016 Conference.   Esri Wins Big at IMIA Americas Conference Map Awards | Esri Insider    Enjoy,
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Hi I'm trying to access the z values from the GPS coordinates in Survey123 but despite searching for sometime I cannot find how. The GeoPoint field in the form collected x, y,x as it was displayed as the survey name when stored on the phone waiting to be submitted. I have also been searching for how to make the feature service Z enabled (Point z… (Show more)
in Mobile GIS
Hello everyone I'm new to Collector, someone can tell me where it stores the data that is collected through the mobile application. I am with these two options: - Arcgis online - or in my ArcgisServer through a Portal Server. Thank you
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