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Hi,   I have a land surveyor who will be going into the field and will need to use a mobile app on his phone. My question for the GeoNet is, which app would be best to use?   Here is what we need. The needs to be able to: use GPS (on smart phone) consume and display ArcGIS Online services show a basemap show an icon of where the GPS… (Show more)
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Hi I'm trying to access the z values from the GPS coordinates in Survey123 but despite searching for sometime I cannot find how. The GeoPoint field in the form collected x, y,x as it was displayed as the survey name when stored on the phone waiting to be submitted. I have also been searching for how to make the feature service Z enabled (Point z… (Show more)
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I have a lot of points of interest with their location already set on a layer.  I've brought these into ArcGIS Online (on a Portal account) and can access this layer in Collector in the field.  Each point has a lot of empty attributes that I'll be collecting data for in the field.  Currently using Collector is difficult as the attributes are all… (Show more)
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Hello everyone I'm new to Collector, someone can tell me where it stores the data that is collected through the mobile application. I am with these two options: - Arcgis online - or in my ArcgisServer through a Portal Server. Thank you
Hi, Has anyone been experiencing connection issues with the iSX BLUE units and Collector? My field team is frequently receiver the error "Receiver connection lost". This happens very often and is slowing down our field workflows.    Some interesting notes Apple Bluetooth setting shows that it is connected to external GPS, but ISX blue app… (Show more)
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Over the past couple of months, I have being working quite a bit with related data in ArcGIS Online and associated apps. In this blog, I am going to discuss some of my experiences to help others get a better understanding of the capabilities available to them and how they can be setup.   What is Related Data?   The answer is in its name! Related… (Show more)
I want to create a how to document for some of our field personnel involving the Trimble Nomad handhelds. Does anyone know of a way to take screen shots off the Nomad itself or somehow mirror its screen onto my desktop so I can do a snip or print screen? Thanks much for any help or guidance.
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Does anyone have any experience using the Trimble TDC100 that you can share? We're considering purchasing this device for our organization, but would love to hear some feedback from those who have used this model as it is relatively new on the market. I haven't found the TDC100 mentioned in previous posts, which seems surprising. Is there another place to look for GPS hardware recommendations?
I have found that while Collector is generally quite user friendly and easy to use, there are still some users that struggle with some aspects of the data collection process. I have written a quick generic guide that outlines the data collection process from opening the app and collecting some data, to syncing. I have included lots of screenshots… (Show more)
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