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Hi, I have a problem with the Editor-Interface after running a Model in ModelBuilder (ArcMap 10.4.1). In the "Edit"-mode of ModelBuilder Parameter and Data have blue/ green boxes and the Tools have yellow boxes. This display doesn´t change after running Model via "Run" or "Run Entire Model" in the Editor-Interface. But if I run the Model with… (Show more)
in Model Builder
I have an ArcGIS Pro model that iterates through a series of folders(using a workspaces iterator), passes those folder names off to a new model that contains a raster iterator. I am having trouble passing the rasters found using the raster iterator to the Mosaic to New Raster Tool(in the original model). The Mosaic to New Raster tool, is not… (Show more)
in Model Builder
Hello everyone, I have a parameter named LocNo. It is used as a parameter in a model or two. Currently I have the user manually enter the LocNo value when the model starts. LocNo also happens to be the first 12 characters in the name of the mxd file.   Is there a way that I can grab the first 12 characters and use them as the value passed into… (Show more)
in Model Builder
I have been having increasing issues model builder that utilizes model parameters as inputs and feature layers in an existing ArcMap table of contents.  I models run successfully for a while, but then if I change the underlying input layers at all (even if if has no impact on the model process), it acts flaky.  For example, I have a simple model… (Show more)
in Model Builder
Hi- I have a model using the 'Iterate Feature' tool.  I am using the %Name% inline variable from the iterator to name my output files.  The %Name% variable takes on the values "All_2014_06", "All_2014_07",.. etc.  I would like to name my files with "Speed_2014_06", "Speed_2014_07", etc. instead... is there a way to alter the %Name% variable or… (Show more)
in Model Builder
I'm selecting a set of rows using using "Iteration Row Selection"and "select based on location tool" using FC1 & FC2 in a model and copying to another layer . Next step i've to clear the selection of FC2 and make new selection based on the iteration of FC1. How do i clear the selection in model Builder?
in Model Builder
I'm using ModelBuilder to create a new field ([cat]) that will contain category values based on range criteria of another field ([yield]).  I would like to use the Python parser.  HEre is what I have so far in the Pre-Logic Script Code: … (Show more)
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Is scripting necessary?    I am really not sure what kind tool to develop that will process a batch of queries but I more so want to create something that will be easy for a beginner user (of ArcGIS) to easily run; the individual is look to query some data (periodically throughout the year) in a plant inventory feature class within a file gdb.… (Show more)
in Model Builder
I have several models that perform calculations with joins. These calculations require you to enter the name of the joined table, then it's field name. [FIELD] = [JOINEDTABLE.FIELD] What I have done is to give "hard coded" names to output tables so they are always the same: This makes it easier to do the calculation, but once in a while the… (Show more)
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Hello,   I've encountered a problem when I want to use a remap as a model parameter in model builder. I use in a model a reclassification tool and I've set a remap as model parameter with some default values in a submodel. When I run this submodel separately everything goes well. The screen displays the table with default values which I can… (Show more)
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