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Hello fellow GIS friends,   I'm trying to iterate through a folder of .sid files to perform a batch Mosaic to Raster, which l want to create a single mosaiced output. Currently, my model is set up like this:   I set up the Iterate Rasters tool like this:     I don't believe the Wildcard option is necessary, because I selected .sid as the… (Show more)
in Model Builder
I've created a model using model builder for an OD Cost Matrix and it's working quite well.  The part I am struggling with is getting the lines layer out of the network analysis data that is created using the model builder framework.  Below is the last portion of my model and I need to know what tools I can use to finish the job (take the line… (Show more)
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Hi All, I created a model and it crashed suddenly, it seems like it turned into Graphic I can see the tools but I can not open them nor interact with them.   If I double click on the tool or it's parameter nothing happens but renaming the tool. the same happens when I open the model from ArcCatalog.   How can I get the model back?   In this… (Show more)
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Hi!   i've got two file-geodatabases. One stores multiple raster datasets, the other contains several Point Feature classes. What i am looking for is an automated process to extract the raster value to each Point of the Feature classes. There are exactly as many rasters as Feature classes and they have the almost the same Name. what i want to do… (Show more)
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My model iterate through many shapefiles: First it Checks if, the field i want to add (model parameter), already exists in the table (check if the field name is the same) If dont exist: great! Just add the field i want. If exists: creates a temp field Store the the value from the existing field in the temp field Drop the existing field Create the… (Show more)
in Model Builder
Hi everyone,   Very new to ModelBuilder - I am trying to use ModelBuilder to add a field called “Survey_ID” then populate that field using Calculate Field to use the last 6 characters of the filename for a group of feature classes. The Iterate Feature Classes and Add Field options seem to be working, but my Calculate Field expression seems to be… (Show more)
Hey everybody,   I am working on a Model in which you can use your current street centerline file and transform it into a NENA standard street centerline file. This includes having a lot of drop down boxes and check boxes. It seems the more drop down boxes and checkboxes I use, the more my model takes to respond.   I was wondering if anyone has… (Show more)
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