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Is there a way to use a JSON string instead of a file as input to the JSON to Features tool?  I want to create a geoprocessing service that would allow me to pass the JSON object as string input to the "JSON to Features" conversion tool within a model?  Once I have the feature built, the model will perform so other geometry activities then return… (Show more)
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Hi All,   I'm having issues in modelbuilder. When iterating over rasters, the output name apparently stays the same. This is the model I created:   This is the error I receive: The first Raster Domain is created perfectly, second fails...   Any ideas?
in Model Builder
I have multiple mosaic datasets in a file geodatabase. I need to run the Define Overviews tool on all the mosaic datasets because I want to force the overviews on each mosaic dataset to go to 7 levels to suit my needs. However, when I try to iterate through the mosaic datasets with model builder I get an error after the first iteration, meaning it… (Show more)
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I am using ArcGIS 10.3. Is there any method to set a constant Method (e.g. Standard Deviation) in a raster classification in the Model Builder with the use of the Reclassify tool or any other? If I change the options manually the first time, it will change to another Method (Natural breaks usually) when I change the input raster.
    Hello everyone, I have the following model. I would like the Iterate Field Values to locate Addresses.csv based on using LocNo and Year in the path. LocNo and Year are both outputs from Get LocNo And Year. It won't run in this manner. This is the error message returned: Any help appreciated,   Thanks
    in Model Builder
    I have created a custom model tool. If we run this tool on ArcMap, we noticed that the tool is  working fine. where as if we call the same in Arc Objects under Geo-processing tool, it is throwing an error as shown below   Note:      My Code:   IWorkspaceFactory workspaceFactory = new… (Show more)
    in Model Builder
    Hi, Is there a way to show flow direction for a geometric network by displaying arrows using a model builder just as when using the utility network analyst toolbar?   Best, Alaa
    in Model Builder
    I have a model that iterates through feature classes, does a calculation, and puts out feature classes. I now need to run it on a GDB containing over 15000 fcs, which is time-consuming and cumbersome.   I wonder if anyone can help me alter the model so that, instead of iterating through a GDB, it will iterate through the rows in a single… (Show more)
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