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.NET and the Esri JavaScript API

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Hi everybody, Two questions regarding a ESRI tutorial.   1) The tutorial uses a Wetland theme for it's dojox charts. var theme = "Wetland"; This is Wetland.js (from dojox website): define(["../SimpleTheme", "./common"], function(SimpleTheme, themes){ themes.Wetland = new SimpleTheme({ colors: [ "#bfbc64", "#737130", "#73373b", "#7dafca",… (Show more)
Is it possible to use the Popup Template when loading a WebMap ? The Popup Template sample code is built in the context of loading a feature layer, but not an entire WebMap.   The sample code when loading a feature layer is  var featureLayer = new FeatureLayer({   url: "..."   popupTemplate: {      mediaInfos: [{ ... }]   } }) but how do you use… (Show more)
Hi All, I am working a project, where need to show photo-index number and inside polygon name at lower left and upper left corners.  I have written a tool to export page layout view into A4 size PDF , but I unable to align text element exactly the above mentioned corners, able to get XY coordinates of a polygon in page layout units in inches .… (Show more)
Hello, I have published a python script to run as a rest service which enables me to run it through the web using an ajax call on javascript. I couldn't find a way to consume that service with csharp using its SOAP endpoint. Anyone knows to refer me for a code example? I have tried to add a web reference to that service in my library project… (Show more)