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.NET and the Esri JavaScript API

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How can I force a layer's Info Template to honor the layer's definition?  I have a highways layer that is set up with a series of definition queries tied to functions that listen for a zoom-end event and grab the zoom using the getZoom method, so that various classes of highways turn on at different zoom extents.  For example, only interstate… (Show more)
I have very little experience with .NET (C#) and I'm wondering if it's possible to allow a user to upload their shapefile and then the back-end would save it to our ArcSDE database. We don't need to display their shapefile or do anything with mapping procedures, we literally just need them to upload their file and have it save to our database with… (Show more)
Hello,   I am trying to work with the Search widget example in ArcGIS JavaScript API 4.4 (Search Widget | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.4 ) and I am not able to disable the popup with popupEnabled property. Using version 4.3 of the API is working. Is this a bug?   The example in the documentation that i am trying to use is:   <!DOCTYPE html>… (Show more)
I am writing an application in in visual studio 2013 using c#, javascript and css. I am using esri javascript api and esri dijit themes. The claro.css theme is not being read by the application. It is the only css with this problem. When I check in the web debugger inspector, the theme is not listed for the div anywhere in the inspect… (Show more)
This is a follow-up to a question I posted earlier: Migrating From Classic Asp To A New Framework    I am looking for a new framework and was basing my decision on the assumption that since classic asp is not supported, must also not be supported. After talking with a colleague I realized that my assumption might be incorrect.   I would… (Show more)
I am currently working with ArcGIS API for Javascript 4.3 and I am having issues with creating dependent drop downs as a means of filtering multiple fields. For instance, in the following Feature Service: Layer: states (ID: 3) , I am wanting to have one drop down that is populated by SUB_REGION and then another dependent drop down that is… (Show more)
I am trying to write a program that will login a user programatically into a ArcGIS portal. Here is my scenario: User logs in to application A, user clicks a link to the ArcGIS portal - I do not want them to have to login to the portal when they click that link because that have already logged into application A. SO I would like: User logs in to… (Show more)