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This happens to me occasionally and often I can rejoin something to fix it but not this time.  I have even tried completely redrawing the parcels in question with no luck.  In the images below, every parcel fabric layer is turned on including points and line points. This photo is the parcel line work prior to joining. Here is how it looks after it… (Show more)
in PLSS Editing
I have another issue I created while adjusting some parcels to a new survey. I recreated a couple of Sections and Quarter Quarter Sections, to follow the new survey. Once I was done two of the sections are off by 2.3 ft in the southwest corner of Sec. 6. The Quarter Quarter Sections are fine and fit with the other parcels in the area (Township, Land Ownership).
When I run the checks these section parcels don't come up as errors, or Unjoined parcels. I have ran the 'Regenerate Fabric' tool on the parcels and on the entire area, still nothing. Not sure how they can be there and not be an issue.
Has anyone come across this before?
    When I am trying to edit a parcel using 'Construct from Parent' and the Segmented Line tool the parcel I am working on displays as a solid polygon (see ConstructFromParent.jpg) . Is there a option to change how it displays?
    I have tried all the setting I know both the General selection and the layer selection settings (see other attachments).
    I would like to be able to see some control inside the parcel so I know how to segment my line. Thanks
    For some strange reason I started getting this error on a lot of my parcels in my Parcel Fabric.   Discontiguous lines have been detected.  These lines have there from/to points highlighted.  Please place part connectors between these groups.   For starters it highlights nothing so I have no clue what its talking about.  Most of the ones… (Show more)
    in PLSS Editing