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I am wondering how to create a correct quarter section when the section is not "full."   For example: Sometime when there is a new township line the section is truncated. when I make a quarter section should it be as below with the NE quarter lager then the NW quarter. Or should the quarter sections be uniform, i.e. the dividing line is at the… (Show more)
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ArcGIS 10.4.1 for Desktop Parcel Editing General Maintenance Patch is live on the support site. The URL is:


Basic Info:


This is a general maintenance patch for the Parcel Editor.

Issues Addressed with this patch

·        BUG-000097210 - The parcel editing Parallel Offset tool on a rotated/scaled parcel fails to extend/trim for a single line segment and/or to maintain the recorded bearing.

·        BUG-000096619 - Exploding a multipart parcel with curves that share a radial point does not explode correctly for radial lines.

·        BUG-000094736 - When using parcel editor to open or edit parcel(s) it should only draw the lines of the open parcel(s).

·        BUG-000094561 - When using parcel editor joining a parcel point to a Control Point should associate the parcel point to the control point.

·        BUG-000091817 - Unable to access an AGO feature service layer that has a GUID column in ArcMap.

If my feature classes are associated with a parcel fabric does it take a long time to run the feature adjustment (minutes or hours) or does it just depend on my data?
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I like the idea of our agency (SITLA) having their own parcel fabric. I can see the benefits it would have for us. However, if we maintain our own parcel fabric with just our own layers, how do we keep in sync with the changes to the parcel fabric that AGRC will be maintaining? Is there anyway that we can sync a parcel fabric with another parcel… (Show more)
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I am still working on the project area for the Utah PLSS Fabric, we have new survey data for a Sec. 6. I have rebuilt the section all the way down to the Gov. Lots, and it look good. But when I try to do an adjustment using the new survey corners I get a Fail and some strange Adjustment Reports. I have tried to modify my tolerances in the… (Show more)
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