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Hi python snippets arcgis map clip_analysis tool is not working properly for Annotation layer provided the output in another projection system. Anyone else encountered this.   To recreate the issue:   Open python window   set outcoordinatesystem set to another. Try out clip_analysis for annotation layer. The output is not as expected. The… (Show more)
I have a python script that calculates  x coordinates , y coordinates for a point geometry that sits within a feature dataset of an SDE (SQL Express). The script worked fine on a file geodatabase however when it runs on the SDE feature class, it stalls at the updateCursor function.   "ERROR: 999999: Error executing function....Objects in the… (Show more)
I worked out a Python Add-In Combox, that combines different Fields from different Feature Class in one Drop-Down-List. The user can select one ID/Code in the Drop-Donw list and the active view zooms to the selection. So far it's not very fast, but it works. My problem is, that Arc Map crashes, when I use the Combobox and a Feature Layer is… (Show more)
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Hi all,    I'm creating a python combobox add-in where the user can pick from a predefined list of counties and when selected, a data layer for that county will be added to the TOC. The functionality of the Add-in works which I am happy about but I'm having a bit of an issue with some format particulars. First off, is there a way to control what… (Show more)
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I use build a layer, and use add two stop points, and use get the shortest route. But how can I get the length of the shortest route.
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Is there a way to cancel suppression with python extension class?   I use Python Add-In Wizard (ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.2) to develop extension class. In this extension class I would like to overide behavior when deleting feature.   Here is what I want to do :   def onDeleteFeature(self) :    res= pythonaddins.MessageBox("Do you want delete to… (Show more)
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