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I'm about ready to deploy an add-in but I'm not sure how to handle database connections.  I know I can include files used by the add-in (ArcCatalog database connection file?) in the install directory for packaging when the add-in file is created, but how do i code the file location?  I can include the path to the file that is used while… (Show more)
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Hello All,   I've developed a python addin toolbar that adds a desired layer file (chosen from a menu in the toolbar) to the table of contents in a project.  The functionality only works, however, when the project is in the data frame view -- clicking a layer in the menu does nothing if the project is in the layout view.  I've googled around, but… (Show more)
in Python AddIns
I worked out a Python Add-In Combox, that combines different Fields from different Feature Class in one Drop-Down-List. The user can select one ID/Code in the Drop-Donw list and the active view zooms to the selection. So far it's not very fast, but it works. My problem is, that Arc Map crashes, when I use the Combobox and a Feature Layer is… (Show more)
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