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I try to reproject a coverage class using arcpy.Project_arc. The synthax states   arcpy.Project_arc(in_cover, out_cover, projection_file)     but I cannot really get the last argument - that is, the projection file -  to work. The esri webpage describing the function (Project—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop ) inputs some kind of transformation file… (Show more)
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A snippet, not big enough for a blog.. """ Script: Author: References: many Purpose: convert kmz to kml base script """ #import sys import zipfile #import glob from xml.dom import minidom def kmz_to_kml(fname):     """save kmz to kml"""     zf = zipfile.ZipFile(fname,'r')     for fn in zf.namelist():…
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I have a tool for batch map output (ArcMap 10.2) that was written for me by a volunteer.  I need to modify the code for a publisher to embed document fonts and convert marker symbols to polygons in an EPS file.   Original code:    arcpy.mapping.ExportToEPS(mxd,saveloc + ".eps",data_frame = "PAGE_LAYOUT",resolution = res)   Modified code: … (Show more)
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Trying to find the original post from Xander which really kicked of this part of GeoNet. Want to add something about one liner arcpy.da.SearchCursor stuff.   Where is it or how do I find it?
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